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Emanuele Alberto Cirello

Emanuele Alberto Cirello


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About Me:I am a Year 13 student which aspires to be an architect. I am interested in anything I don't yet know, and I mostly write about art, politics , Italian culture and inspirational people, although I will try to write for as many categories possible, just to test myself and get to know more things.

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Kill Bill: Volume 1: Review pt.1

Kill Bill: Volume 1: Review pt.1

When I have to talk about one of Tarantino’s films, I never know where exactly to start from, and many are the factors that I could take in consideration to analyse this movie. Surely, in a few decades, he will be considered one of the key filmmakers (even if he is one of them now) and it will be studied and taught in filmmaking schools and so on.

A  Tarantino’s movie is easily recognizable by its style, which has become a milestone in the world of filmography. He has not been much of an innovator, but he has taken the influence of his vast knowledge about filmography and has sewed the characteristics of his favourite filmmakers together in order to create his own style and mark in the history of filmmaking. His knowledge is incredibly vast, and Tarantino himself has often referred to secondary and less known filmmakers as an inspiration. Just as it is clear that in all his works there are references, some more easily identified, others destined only to an audience of film buffs trained, some filmmakers and film scenes from different genres, he magically blend together. It is evident, in his work, the presence of many elements that can be identified and related to different movie directors. In the case of Kill Bill, it is visible that Tarantino’s inspiration has been the movie “Game of Death” with Bruce Lee.

A word that does not exist in the Tarantino’s dictionary is ... moderation. In his films, everything is exaggerated, but in such a brilliant form that will never make you doubt that it could have been all improvised. Everything, even the smallest detail of a scene, is in fact designed in the most intricate detail, almost in an obsessive way. The taste for the aesthetic representation is close to perfection, always wanting to leave his production one-step ahead of others. The choice of the performers, their acting, the dialogue, and the script, the study of the shots, the perfection of the movements and the outlook of it is something that is consistent in his works. We can say that Kill Bill - Vol.1 is essentially a tribute to the main splatter films in some ways and classic kung-fu movies in others. However, while those works were mostly improvised, Tarantino has used many of its characteristics in order to compose his own style and content, and not only it is a synthesis of the best of kung-fu and splatter movies, but also a significant improvement. This is shown in the first scenes, with the traditional splatter film soundtrack, which then introduces a very important quote for the purpose of the movie, ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’, and signals the start of the movie.


Tarantino has also included, in this film, some scenes in black and white; he also created very detailed Manga that summarises and emphasizes the background of one of Black Mamba’s enemies. Everything in Kill Bill - Vol. 1 is exaggerated and beautifully made. From the first scene of rare tension and raw performance, in which Uma Thurman appears in the foreground ready to be executed to the controlled sequences with the sword and martial arts, in which the movements and jumps of the contenders are clearly outsized. Even the dialogues seem to be a parody of martial arts films, which give to the movie a cartoonish type of atmosphere. The comic book like style is also given by the structure of the movie, which is divided in chapters, each with a unique title as seen previously in “Pulp Fiction”.

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