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Kate Moss

Kate Moss

British icon and English model Kate Moss was born in Croydon, Greater London in January 1974 and rose to fame in the early 90’s. Kate Moss spun rapidly to the top of the modelling world after her initial discovery at JFK Airport, New York at just 14 years old. Kate Moss was given the status of “anti-supermodel” during her early modelling years as she was starkly different from other popular models of the early 90’s, with her boyish figure standing at just 5”7 – noticeably short compared to the likes of Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell, who were known for their curvaceous and tall figures. Kate Moss’ career skyrocketed after the infamous Calvin Klein Jeans campaign with Mark Wahlberg of 1993 (pictured on the left) which occurred when she was aged just 18. After the revelation of her Calvin Klein campaign, her desirability and popularity quickly climaxed as she reeled in campaigns for Chanel, Balenciaga, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana – to name a few. She also made her runway debut in 1993 at a Ralph Lauren presentation. Kate Moss took the world by storm in the 90’s, holding the perfect combination of sexuality and innocence; child and woman. In her initial modelling years, Moss held her status by perpetuating the waifish, emaciated, ‘heroin chic’ look which was so popular in the 90’s. 

Other models like Jodie Kidd and Jaime King were also propelling towards fame with their beguiling, unusual looks and thin bodies. Kate Moss faced a drug scandal in the early 2000’s, when a video of her snorting lines of cocaine was plastered over news bulletins and papers across the world. Since this, Moss has changed her look towards a cleaner image, which reflects a significant change in style of the modelling industry on a larger scale since the turn of the century. In 1999, Vogue dubbed new model Gisele Bundchen to be “the return of the sexy model” – due to her slightly larger build and fuller looking face. In the last few years, Kate Moss has worked with high street companies like make-up brand Rimmel and Topshop. She has also revisited the company that brought her into the spotlight; Calvin Klein. In the last year, Kate Moss has left her mother modelling agency Storm Models, to create her own modelling agency which she named adeptly: Kate Moss Agency. By forming her own agency, Kate Moss explained to Vogue that she wanted to “take responsibility, both as a model and with the branding I put my name to”.


Kate Moss has facilitated her diversity of styles, from the waifish grunge of the early 90s, through high-street fashion to the captivating, unusual style of the most upmarket of brands. By straddling this wide range of styles, she has stayed popular with the public and the fashion world, as a legacy and a timeless icon.


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