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Anastassia Puttnam

Anastassia Puttnam


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About Me:Hello my name is Anastassia Puttnam and I am one of the writers for kings news.I am always smiling and tremendously determined to do anything that is thrown at me. Furthermore people describe me as a quirky character with whacky ideas...that's why I now write these stories. However when I grow up I have always really wanted to be a doctor/heart surgeon, so thats my aim :)

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Hi, I’m Jack...I mean Jacqueline and I hate my name so much that I use a boy’s name instead...JACK! Because ANYTHING is better than Jacqueline! My brain-dead parents called me this because it is the name of the famous writer, Jacqueline Wilson. They thought the name might make me smarter...somehow, but that was never going to happen. Especially when I have parents like them, it is like their brains are shrinking every day. They don’t know that I have a brain like theirs and they think that I am the cleverest in my class...but as you know, I am not.


In school, I have to sit at the back of the class, with nobody else around because I, ‘distract them too much’. This is true. When I am older, all I want to do is become a racing car driver, so I don’t even need to know much - only how to drive. My Mum and Dad don’t care, just as long as I am happy. So hopefully, I am going to have a good life!


Maybe I am a tomboy!

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