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It's S.N.O.T real

It's S.N.O.T real

Want to gross out your friends? Here I'll show you how to make fake snot so that you can do exactly that! It is worth noting that although this experiment is a bit of fun, snot does actually exist for a reason. Mucus (or snot) actually protects our sinuses because it is a liquid covering that prevents the tissue from drying out. If you think of our breathing system as a car engine, the mucus is the oil that allows everything to function properly and do its job. That being said, it's pretty gross, so let's make some!


What You'll Need: 

- Boiling water 

- A cup

- A teaspoon

- A fork

- Gelatin

- Corn syrup



What to do:

You'll want to begin by first pouring your boiling water into a cup (about a half full) making sure that you don't spill any. Ensure adult supervision at this point, but in the event of any burns you should run cold water over the burnt area or better yet wrap it in an ice pack. Next you need to mix in three teaspoons of gelatin to your boiling water. Mucus is actually made of protein and sugar so that's why you need gelatin and corn syrup.Your next step should be to let the gelatin soften so that it almost looks like a snotty Haribo and then stir it well with the fork. You'll then want to add the sugar element so mix in a little corn syrup, approximately just under a half cup; do not add too much syrup or your fake snot will become too liquidy and lose that fantastic gooey texture that you want to truly convince your friends and family of its reality! Once you've added the syrup you'll want to stir with the fork once again until your fake snot is very sticky and can be seperated into gooey chunks and strands. Once you're happy with this form you'll need to add a little more water just to give your snot more of a realistic covering becase, as I said earlier, it does have a liquid covering which is what protects your sinuses. The physical snotty part is the mix of protein and sugar that grows from the water base. 


Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of some very realistic fake snot, because honestly it's S.N.O.T what it looks like! Enjoy tricking your friends and family with this silly but fun experiment. However, this is Science, and although I enjoyed telling you how to make snot perhaps even more than you'll enjoy making it, it is important that we consider what benefits snot (mucus) does actually bring us.


We already know that mucus lines our sinuses to prevent them drying out. Another use is that it prevents too much dust and bacteria entering our body through our mouth or nose. When people say that snot or bogeys are dirt gathered in your nose they're partially correct. The sticky gooeyness of snot catches dust particles and unwanted bacteria floating into the nose and prevents them clogging up your sinuses. Phlem in the mouth plays a similar role. When you sneeze it is because there is now too much dust in your nose and it needs to be removed. Mucus also contains antibodies which help combat the bacteria and prevent you becoming ill. So you see, although it can be a bit disgusting and even funny, bogeys are useful, and you have them for a reason. On that note, enjoy pranking people with the fake snot you made! Whilst you're at it, why not tell them the Science behind it too? That way you're having fun and reinforcing that information for you at the same time by teaching someone else. Good right?




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