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About Me:18-year-old sixth form student, studying English Literature, History and Government and Politics. My articles will broadly cover topics from the current affairs of politics to reviews of books and albums, as well as adding my own creative pieces, whether it be short fiction or general opinion.

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It's Finally Time to Lessen Meat Consumption

It's Finally Time to Lessen Meat Consumption

Despite the PETA insistence on the contrary, I am not one who mindlessly eats meat with a sense of detachment. Instead, I eat it live. I stare the chicken in the eyes as I meticulously pluck out every feather. I snap its neck and then bite down, sinking my teeth into its flesh, ripping and tearing at every artery and sinew until there’s a rain of blood that I later bathe in. No cooking needed, no seasoning to taste. I like my meat raw, defenceless; still beating.


Now, my eating habits aside, it should be a disconcerting fact for everyone to hear that the meat industry is starting to overtake the oil industry as the world’s leading polluter. Mine and your ravenous appetite is going to have to undergo some sort of change. Now, before you come running at me with your fork and fire, blood pouring down your mouth after your daily fix of meat, - ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT MY PROTEIN!?’ – hear me out.


It’s true, us carnivores have come under constant fire recently. We thought the vegetarians were bad enough to contend with; now, with almond milk frothing at their mouths, the vegans have suddenly appeared out of nowhere. And they are armed. Fit with the moral upper hand and – whether we like it or not – facts. But for too long we’ve fended off the virtue signalling videos of cows, sheep and pigs being sliced to pieces and kept in cages. It’s something our stomachs could handle – the bacon sandwich was not induced to be spewed all over the table. But now things are different. Now it’s not only the little piggies lives at danger but our fellow homo-sapiens, and, like anything in this solipsistic world, that’s what matters.


So, the time has come. Sacrifices have to be made. But the militant nature of the veggies still has our backs up, so we’ll do it on our own terms. The bottom line is: we have to cut down our meat consumption. You can start incrementally, realising that you don’t have to have it in every meal of every day. Believe me, I started in the past two years or so, it’s really not that hard. Meat isn’t a necessity. Expand the way you cook. Just chucking in some chicken breast with some chips is sloppy cooking. Try a courgette! An aubergine parmigiana makes for a brilliant substitute for lasagne. Cooking veggie meals actually expands your palette, and you’ll find yourself ordering the non-meat option at restaurants out of choice. I know, getting some people to stop eating as much meat is like weaning an addict off of heroin. But it’s time. Lessen the amount you eat meat.


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