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Introducing our Charities Page!

Introducing our Charities Page!

What is a charity?

A charity is an organisation set up with the aim of helping people. The method of help could come in a variety of ways, for example, educationally, religious, community help, the common good, are all ways a charity may choose to help individuals or a group.  Charities can be specialised as to one cause to help or a number, specialised to a particular area or global. One thing all charities have in common is that they are not for profit, which means the majority of the money they receive and raise goes to the cause they support.

Why do people give to charity?

Charities are a part of everyday life. You pass charity shops on the street, see advertisements on the television, and get approached to give to fundraisers daily. Some might even have charity events in school every term. But what moves people to give their time and money to charities? The harsh truth is, most people have been affected directly by some kind of event that is aid-able via charity, for example a terminal illness. Further from that, charities tend to evoke the morality within people, making them want to help those they can see suffering. This is why events such as Children in Need are such a big success.

How can we help?

If you want to help a charity, the first thing you should do is pick one to start with. Of course you are under no obligation to stick with just one, but it gives you a good starting point. Then look into what the charity does, how it helps people, and what it suggests you should do. General ways to help a charity is to give money directly or volunteer in shops they run. Some charities may hold fundraising events, for example Cancer Research’s Race for Life, which you could participate in. In addition, you can have immense amounts of fun whilst fundraising, creating your own events and sales to raise money. Some examples are: a sponsored silence, a garage sale, a community concert, the possibilities are endless. In the coming months, this page will be dedicated to planning your own fundraisers down to the very last detail.

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