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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Internet Influence

Internet Influence

The internet is a group of inter-connected networks. We use the internet in our daily lives without even thinking about it. For example, you are using the internet right now to read this. However, many are worried that the future generations are becoming influenced by the development of technology. 


Many kids have begun to own a variety of devices. Parents fear that their children are being exposed to it from a very young age. Now that companies are aware of this problem, they have adapted it for their youth users. For example, Apple have included a bed-time software which reminds you to go to bed at a set time. 


The main problem that parents have is that children don’t know when to turn it off. This soon transforms into an addiction. Therefore, the vast majority of parents, use screen time. The software records how long you are on your device for. You can also find out extra detail like which app you spend more time on and how many times you picked up your phone. With this data, you can set time limits for each app. These settings are kept with a password to ensure that they are not easily changed. As the software is built into the phone it is supported better than third company apps and make sure you don’t exceed your limit and stick to the plan set. For kids, parents can easily monitor their child’s usage on their gadgets.  

As kids get older, they start getting involved in social media platforms. On social media, many of the influencers act differently online to in real life. These people have many young idols who feel pressured to act like them. As technology has began to impact younger children. This new generation are spending too long acting like others that they aren’t exploring themselves. For example, a new platform is TikTok which has over 500 million active users. The app has a large quantity of dances which many people learn. People take time out of their days, to learn these dances. This time could be used for many other things but instead they are in a room staring at their phone and trying to copy the movements. I do understand that they are fun to do but I believe that we should not spend our spare time and thoughts on it. 


It is very hard to also avoid the whole topic. A numerous amount of parents try not to expose their kids to these devices. However, they convert so many everyday errands to online to save hassle. With all these changes, you would be able to sit down and not have to get up again. A good example is walking to the shop. You could just order it and it comes to you but walking to the shop is more beneficial as you get some exercise and there is a less likely chance of your internet crashing or being cheated in buying something. When online, you may not have all the information that you would find if you went to the shop. Imagine ordering a bag which looks big but I’d actually a small handbag sized bag. 


Technology really has impacted our future especially the new generation. Fir example, five year olds are playing on iPads instead of real toys. This worries society as they are beginning to wonder what will happen as technology progresses. 






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