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Infused Water

Infused Water

As summer arrives, it is of the upmost importance to remember to stay hydrated. The British climate means that our bodies, and the designs of our homes, are not built to accommodate the heat that, if not prepared for, can be a serious threat to our wellbeing. It’s paramount that we drink water, rather than any form of soft drink, in order to maintain the levels we need to function well, which also removes a significant amount of sugar from our diet. One way to stay hydrated, yet still enjoy a sweet summery drink, is to make infused water. These refreshing beverages are created by chopping up fruit, herbs, and sometimes even vegetables, in order for the water to absorb some of the flavour. This allows for a fun, easy way to cut down on sugar, stay hydrated, and increase your fruit intake. So, here are a few easy recipes to try at home:


Strawberry, Lemon and Basil: Easy enough to make, and with fruit that you probably already have at home! For one jug, fill about three quarters of the way full with iced water. Take four to six washed strawberries, and quarter them, half a lemon, sliced, and a handful of basil, before adding them all to the water. Cover the top, shake, and then leave in the fridge for around twenty minutes before drinking.


Raspberry, Rose, and Vanilla: You may have to plan a little ahead for this one. Again, this makes about one jug. Take a handful of washed raspberries, a handful of rose petals, and about five vanilla pods. Put the ingredients into the jug, and then fill with water. Shake a little, and leave for a whole day in the fridge. When finished, strain with a sieve, throwing away the remnants of the ingredients, leaving you with only liquid, ready to serve.



Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and Mint: Whilst containing the most ingredients, this is one of the quickest ones to make. Serving about half a gallon, you need one cup of sliced strawberries, one cup of sliced cucumbers, two sliced limes, and a quarter cup of fresh mint leaves. Layer the ingredients into the jug, topping with ice cubes, before filling to the brim with water. Leave the drink to chill for approximately ten minutes, and enjoy.


Blueberry and Orange: Another which takes a little longer to prepare. For this recipe, you need two whole oranges, cut into wedges, and a handful of washed blueberries. Put the ingredients into the jug, and fill with ice and water, before leaving in the fridge for two to twenty four hours, depending how intense you want the flavour to be.


Infused water allows a smart, fun way to stay hydrated during the summer months. They take little time to prepare, allow you to make something, and increase your intake of both water, and of fruit. Hopefully, you’ll fall in love with one, if not all of these recipes, and if not there are many more online for you to try. Stay hydrated!



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