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Humans Can Lick Too

Humans Can Lick Too

*Warning,this story is based on an urban legend and features elements of horror.*

Sally was a lonely young lady, relentlessly teased at school she was miserable and alone, until the day Sally met Oscar. Oscar was a fluffy white labradoodle that Sally's parents bought her for Christmas two years previous and were delighted that she finally had some companionship and was happy. He truly was Sally's best friend, knowing she could come home to walk him every night made school fly by, she had never been happier! Every night before going to sleep young Sally would lower her arm down under the bed and await the reassuring warmth of Oscar's tongue as he licked her hand goodnight; then and only then could she sleep contently. One foggy night in November as the rain hammered down on the window and thunder boomed Sally said goodnight to her parents and cuddled up in bed, pulling the covers up to her neck. She'd always been afraid of storms and tonight was particularly eerie out but she felt safe with Oscar and after feeling that reassuring warm tongue on her hand she drifted off into a deep dreamy sleep.

The sound of creaking on the floorboards caused Sally to wake and she rubbed her eyes, her vision blurry and senses muddled. . . Lowering her hand under the bed she felt the reassuring lick to her hand and then rolled over to sleep again, hoping the rain would have stopped by morning for her walk to school. Morning came bright and early and the sun glistened through her window, illuminating the dusty room and stinging Sally's eyes. She sleepily lowered her hand for Oscar but to no avail, suddenly she sat bolt upright, Oscar never left that spot until she got out of bed. Swinging her legs aside the covers and standing up she called for Oscar and began to panic.

Where was Oscar? Sally ran downstairs shouting for her mother and father,

"Where is Oscar?"

Sally's parents looked grave, after an uncomfortable silence her father plucked up the courage and spoke gently saying,

"I'm sorry Sally, Oscar has been suffering for some time now and we took him away after you fell asleep to be put down last night, he was living in pain."

*Oscar! Hang on though, if her parents had taken him away when she fell asleep, who had licked her hand half way through the night?!


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