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How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2

WARNING - This review will contain spoilers.

In the first Disney film 'How to Train your Dragon' the protagonist (main character) Hiccup wants to be accepted by his clan and so has to go out and kill a dragon to become a dragonslayer. However after capturing a dragon he becomes friends with it instead and names it, 'Toothless'. The heart warming story had humour, adveture and a good morale, everything you'd expect from a classic Disney film. Earlier this month the sequel 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' was released and thanks to the expertise of my 13 year old younger brother I am able to bring you this review. This review relies heavily on you having seen the original film and if you haven't seen it then you really should.

Set a few years after the original film dragons and Vikings now live hapilly side by side on the island of Berk. However a new evil emerges in the menacing figure of Drago Bludvist and Hiccup and his friends must save not just their island but all dragons and vikings living in harmony from the madman Drago and his armies. Now young adults Hiccup and his friends have greater responsibilities and know it is up to them to stop Drago. The film is packed with dragon action and lots of swooping through the air which looks fantastic if you see the film in 3D which is higthly recommended. In an epic adventure Hiccup bravely allows himself to be captured to try and reason with Drago and along his journey meets saviour of dragons Valka who is revealed to be his long lost mother! This film differs more greatly from the book than the first but is an action packed sequel that doesn't dissapoint. It is a feel good film and justice is served as Drago is defeated, Toothless becomes the Alpha dragon and Hiccup takes over his father's responsibilites as Chieftain of their tribe, claiming that they have their own dragons and that is greater than any army any other clan can muster.

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