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How to plan a holiday

How to plan a holiday

If you’re finishing up a set of exams right now, chances are you’re dreaming about the summer ahead of you. If you’re ready for some fun in the sun with your friends, you’ll need to get organised! This is what you need in order to book your perfect summer getaway.


1. First get a rough idea of who can come, when they are free and where they want to go. Set up a calendar to see when you can all get away together.

2. Now decide where you want to go – staying in the UK is cheaper and easier, but if you have your heart set on foreign beaches then go for it! Make sure you pick a town or city with lots to do and transport links to the airport or train station you are arriving from.

3. If you are going to a particular place for a festival or event, BOOK THOSE TICKETS NOW! You do not want to miss out. The same applies for working holidays – make sure you have a job waiting for you before you book an expensive flight.

4. Check out accommodation. Scour the internet to find the safest part of the city and head to Airbnb to find a gorgeous apartment or house to stay in. This is usually the cheapest route to take and there are some great properties available – I once stayed in an apartment in Athens with a balcony overlooking orange trees, right near the gates to the Acropolis. If you want your food provided, look for package holidays with all inclusive hotels – they will cook your meals and often have gyms and swimming pools!

5. If your accommodation doesn’t come as part of a package with transport, book your transport next. Planes and trains are both cheaper if you book in advance. You might want to also book ferry tickets to visit nearby islands if you are going to a country like Greece or Croatia. Make sure you get a list of safe local taxi companies with their phone numbers, in case of emergencies.

6. Next you need insurance. Make sure it covers all the activities you want to do – skiing and watersports sometimes require extra cover, so don’t be caught out!

Now just pack your stuff and count down the days until you leave!


Make sure you consult your friends at each stage of booking so everyone is happy, and be very clear about what they have to pay and when. If you end up stuck in a loop of “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” I have some starting off points for you:

Music festival in the UK (Glastonbury, Reading, etc)

Music festival abroad (Roskilde in Denmark, Hideout in Croatia, etc)

Holiday camp (Centre Parcs, Eurocamp etc)

City break (Paris, Venice etc)

UK seaside (Cornwall, Blackpool etc)

European seaside (Greece, Spain etc)

Working holiday (Canadian or American summer camps, ESL teaching, etc)


I hope you enjoy your holiday and make this summer unforgettable!


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