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How to make body scrub

How to make body scrub

Body scrubs are the ultimate gift. They are both easy to make and easy to personalise and as well as being 100% natural, they make your skin feel really good! It’s like a spa day without the price tag.

I’m going to show you two recipes for a basic sugar scrub. The first is very simple and only requires three ingredients. The second has a few more ingredients but smells nicer and makes more scrub, so you can divide it up and give some away! Use these in the shower or bath on your arms, legs and torso for super soft skin.


Recipe one



1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup olive oil

2 tablespoons lemon juice



Mix all ingredients until  well combined.


This is so simple it can be done in a matter of minutes. The granulated sugar works away dead skin, the olive oil softens the skin and the lemon juice acts as a very mild chemical peel.


Recipe two



1 cucumber

2 tablespoons fresh mint

2.5 cups granulated sugar

4 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons lemon juice



Blend cucumber and mint into a puree, add other ingredients and stir until well combined.


How to use

Stir before using. Take approximately two teaspoons of scrub and rub all over legs. Do not scrub too hard as the sugar crystals are very rough - gentle circular motions should be sufficient. Rinse off.  The olive oil will make bathroom surfaces slippery, so clean your bath thoroughly after using the scrub, to avoid any accidents.


Storing your scrub

It is best to store your scrub in an air tight plastic pot. Although glass jars look the most attractive, if they break in the shower the broken glass creates a hazard. You can decorate your pots with permanent marker pens and decorative tags to explain how to use the scrub and also to list the ingredients.



The ingredients should be suitable for sensitive skin but be careful the person using the scrub doesn’t have allergies to any of the components.

If you intend to take your scrub on holiday, pack it carefully and wrap in two layers of plastic bags to avoid leaking.


Improvise with what you have and personalise the recipe to find your own favourite scrub! Try using essential oils to add scent, or find more ingredients from your kitchen such as cinnamon and seeds from a vanilla pod. Even fragrant orange, lemon and lime zest could make a fresh, fragrant scrub.

Enjoy designing your own artisan label and finding the perfect tubs. Tie your pots up with ribbon and hand them out to friends and family!


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