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How to Make a Bottle Top Snake

How to Make a Bottle Top Snake

As we’re in the midst of the festive season, I thought I’d bring you a couple of ways to make toys and games out of items that would otherwise go in the bin. The first of these is a colourful toy snake. This toy is ideal to make after you’re parents have hosted a party as a lot of the items you’ll need will come from bottles. What you’ll need to make this toy:


- A large nail or compass

- Approximately 70 bottle tops

- A piece of thick string

- Scissors

- Two cork stoppers

- Glue

- Paint and brushes

- A small bit of felt


The first step in making our snake is to pierce a hole through the centre of each bottle top. You can do this using a nail or the point on the kind of compass you use for drawing circles. The ideal bottle tops to use are the kind you find on glass bottles of coke or alcohol. If you don’t have access to these, you could always use the wrappers of chocolate coins! Just be aware that chocolate coin wrappers are quite flimsy and the snake won’t be as durable if you use them.


Once all your bottle tops have a hole through the middle, it’s time to thread them onto your string. This bit can be quite fiddly, but if you lick the end of the string and twist it into a point it should be easier to push through the holes you’ve made. Once you’ve done this you’ve got the body of your snake.


Now it’s time to make your snake’s head and tail. To do this you’ll need your two cork stoppers. These are generally found in bottles of wine, but you can buy them in craft stores too. You’ll need to paint them both the same colour, but which colour you use it up to you. Once they’ve dried you’ll need to paint the eyes on the head. You can do this with some white paint or tip-ex and then make the pupil with a biro or felt tip. To attach the head and tail to the string you’ll need to make a hole through the centre of each and thread the string through. Once it’s all the way through you can make a knot at each end to stop the snake falling apart.


The last thing to do is to make and attach the tongue. To do this you can cut out a tongue shape from some red or pink felt and glue it onto the face. If you don’t have any felt, any fabric will do, or even tissue paper!


So there you have it; a homemade snake which can twist and turn like a real one which will shimmer in the light as though it has real scales! I would say that the most difficult part about making this snake is collecting all the bottle tops to begin with!! However, if you collect them over and period of time and ask friends and family members to save them for you, you’ll build up enough to make your snake in no time at all.

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