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Holiday Scrapbooking

Holiday Scrapbooking

Everyone loves a good holiday – but what do you do afterwards when you're drowning in postcards, photos and souvenirs you don't really need, but keep because they remind you of the beach, a particularly friendly waiter and your near miss with a jellyfish?

Scrapbooking is an easy, enjoyable way to showcase your memories. Here's how.

You will need:

A book of some kind. If you're serious about it, there are trillions of beautiful notebooks to choose from - though a little pricey, a search through finds you pretty, sturdy scrapbooks for under £6.

Glue stick


Coloured pencils/felt-tips

Stickers (optional)

Your holiday photos, postcards, tickets


Sracpbook: Showcase of your Memories

STEP ONE: Decide what you want your book to be like – simple, colourful, with or without captions, covered in stickers? Consistent or a bit chaotic?

STEP TWO: Time to start your title page! This can look however you like; you can include your name, the country, dates, little drawings and doodles, cut up postcards. You can even decide not to have a title page at all.

STEP THREE: I began my scrapbook by sticking down tickets and boarding passes on the first few pages, then arranging photographs and postcards with captions, but you can arrange everything however you like. Maybe you want to order photos by day or place, or you want to write about what you did on each day.


Scrapbooking, much like collaging, is great fun and can keep you occupied for hours – plus you'll have something beautiful to keep and look through forever.


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