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History Revision Facts Part 2

History Revision Facts Part 2

1.What is a republic?


Where the people and their elected representatives have supreme power


2.How powerful was the monarch in the 19th century?


Not very powerful, less powerful than the PM


3.What was the peace treaty that ended the First World War?


Treaty of Versailles


4.What was War Guilt? What happened to Germany’s army and navy?


Germans accepted the blame for starting World War 1, they were made much smaller


5.What were reparations?


Money Germany had to pay for war damage


6.What was Mein Kampf?


A book written by Adolf Hitler in 1925 about his political ideology


7.Explain Hitler’s idea of racial supremacy?


He believed that the Aryans were the supreme race and Jews and Slavs were the lowest race


8.What was Hitler’s title as leader of Germany?




9.How did the economic conditions in Germany lead to the rise of Hitler?


The bad economic conditions because of the reparations, made people angry and this anger was exploited by Hitler because he provided them with a scapegoat


10.What was the Wall Street Crash?


A huge world-wide economic depression in 1929


11.What did Hitler do in the Rhineland?


Marched German troops in


12.What was the Anschluss?


The uniting of Austria and Germany in March 1938


13.Where was the Sudetenland? Why did Hitler want it?


Northern, western and southern regions of Czechoslovakia containing 3.5 million Germans. Because it was German land which had been given to Czechoslovakia in the treaty of Versailles


14.What was appeasement?


A policy where Britain and France gave Hitler what he wanted in order to keep the peace


15.Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the start of the War?


Neville Chamberlain


16.What was the Phoney War?


Between October 1939 and April 1940, a period after the declaration of war without any major military operations


17.What was blitzkrieg and what does it mean?


A German tactic with 3 phases involving first the Luftwaffe, then Panzers then the army. It means Lightning War


18.What happened at Dunkirk?


Over 300,000 British and French troops evacuated from Dunkirk in Operation Dynamo by ships (not just Navy)


19.What was the purpose of the Battle of Britain?


To destroy the RAF so that Britain could be invaded


20.What was Operation Barbarossa?


The German invasion of the Soviet Union


21.What happened at El Alamein? Where was it?


The Allies prevented the German advance across North Africa and defeated them. It is in Northern Egypt


22.What happened to Mussolini?


He was executed on 28th April 1945 by Walter Audisio


23.What happened at Leningrad? What happened at Stalingrad?


The Germans besieged the city for 2 years 4 months before being defeated by the Soviets. The Germans besieged the city for about 7 months before being defeated by the Soviets


24.What was D-Day?


The Allied invasion of Normandy on 6th June 1944


25.What event brought the USA into the War?


The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour


26.On what two Japanese cities were the atomic bombs dropped?


Nagasaki and Hiroshima


27.Why did the USA decide to drop the bombs?


To bring a swift end to the war because they believed that Japan would never surrender and it would cost hundreds of thousands of American lives to defeat them.


28.What was VE Day? What was VJ Day


Victory in Europe, Victory in Japan


29.Who was the US president during WW2? Which President dropped the atom bombs?


Harry Truman


30.What was the League of Nations? What was set up after WW2 as an improvement on the League?


An organisation made up of countries, including France, Britain, Italy, Japan and Germany (from 1926), they were meant to keep the peace.  The United Nations


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