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Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea


The recent cold snaps in the weather act as a reminder that the depths of winter are drawing ever closer. Although the summertime is full of sweet treats to keep you cool, the chill brings a good excuse to consume all the toasty warm food and drink you desire. Whilst hot chocolate, and warm deserts such as sticky toffee pudding are certainly delicious, they are not exactly good to have every day. There is, however, a certain drink which is a lot healthier- tea! No, not the usual type of tea- rather, herbal tea. English Breakfast Tea, whilst delicious, contains a large amount of caffeine, which in large doses, is not too good for you. This isn’t helped by those who drink their tea with milk and sugar. Herbal tea, however, is usually served without milk, and many types don’t contain caffeine. Bluebird Tea Co. is one of the UK’s most popular herbal tea companies, and I thought it worth sharing my favourite blends with you, to help you through this cold and dreary winter.


Snowball Tea

As someone with a considerable sweet tooth, it is no surprise that my favourite tea is one that contains mini-marshmallows! Snowball is a Christmas special-tea, only available during the winter months, so it’s worth stocking up whilst you still can! Based on the coconut-chocolate snowball sweets, this blend is made from Ceylon black tea, coconut pieces, cacao bean, desiccated coconut, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and red cornflowers. Perfect for chocolate lovers, this tea is certainly one of the best on sale.


Morning Kick

As the name suggests, this is a good one for those with early starts. Made with Mate, rather than tealeaves, this will give you the kick you need, without the later crash. This blend offers a classic lemon and ginger flavour, the ingredients including mate, lemongrass, lemon verbena, ginger, lemon peel and calendula. A proud holder of the 2013 great taste award, it is certainly worth a try.



Dozy Girl

Contrastingly, this offers a much more soothing blend. The ingredients include; chamomile, lemon verbena, hibiscus, rose petals, and lavender. With such a soothing recipe, there is no doubt that this will help you get the sleep you need (in the build up to the early Christmas morning!). Although not a Christmas special, this is certainly a blend suited to those dark, warm evenings, curled up by the fire.


Honey Bee Beautiful

A rooibos tea, this blend is noted for being a particularly good skin clearer. Made from rooibos, honey bush, chamomile, nettle leaves, cornflowers, and calendula petals, this soothing tea will help you relax, whilst cleaning both your outside, and inside. Honey is often difficult to ‘get right’, but in this case, the balance is perfect, the flavour being present, yet not overpowering. Not as sweet as Snowball, bitter as Morning Kick, or soothing as Dozy Girl, this might just be the tea for you.


Bluebird Tea Co. delivers, UK addresses costing only £2.35,  as well as having a shop in the North Laines of Brighton. Products can be ordered from their website, which actually offers a cheaper price than the shop itself, so it is certainly worth visiting, even if you live nearby. Hopefully, you’ll take a shine to one of these, or their many other, recipes, and have a truly warm, and sweet, winter.



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