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Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes is an inspirational charity that raises money to help treat the men and women wounded serving in the British armed forces. Since being founded in 2007 the charity has raised 121 million pounds through such fundraising events as treking across the Nepalese, the Sahara desert and climbing Kilimanjaro. A bike ride from the HMS Victory at Portsmouth round historic world war sites in France and back to London by 300 cyclists raised 1 million pounds alone. It is an incredibly worthy charity and has seen recognition by the Times newspaper aswell as the Princes Harry and Will who both serve in the British armed forces. The charity has hosted songs, rugby matches, hikes, treks and more to fundraise and the founders Bryan and Emma Parry have been awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) for their services. It is such a worthwhile charity looking after those who were wounded keeping us safe and you can support it even by just buying a Help for Heroes wristband.

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