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Hawkeye V.S. Deadpool

Hawkeye V.S. Deadpool

A slightly more grown-up comic, this series follows the misadventures of the merc with the mouth, and the deaf ex-circus performer. With Kate Bishop as their ever-present perky support, Hawkeye and Deadpool undoubtedly make a great pair, leaving fans wondering why a team-up took so long. The introduction to the series begins as it means to continue- lighthearted, blunt, and certainly amusing. ‘Who: An Avenger and a (sometimes) X-man.’ The ridiculous escapades of Deadpool, or Wade Wilson, have never exactly amused Hawkeye (Clint Barton), but when a hacker with a list of every S.H.I.E.L.D Operative is found dead in Hawkeye’s neighbourhood, it’s up to the pair to prevent the list falling into the wrong hands.


Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, the ‘merc with the mouth’, and probably by other, less than polite terms, is the first half of this unlikely super-duo. Born in Canada, Wade grew up to become a less-than mentally stable mercenary, until he discovered he had developed cancer. Volunteering to take part in the weapon X program, becoming a human Guinea pig to an untested chemical experiment, resulting in him developing an incredible healing factor. Even decapitation won’t stop him. Literally. Fourth-wall breaking, and constantly directly addressing the readers of each comic book he appears in, Deadpool’s further adventures include beginning a romantic relationship with death, travelling into the world of fiction to fight famous literary characters, and saving the world from the zombie apocalypse. Although deadly with his swords, Wade never fails to amuse, and is beloved by comic-book readers everywhere- for his love of burritos, terrible jokes, and the smell of 372,844 pancakes in the morning (smells like victory).




Hawkeye, or Clint Barton, you may recognise from the popular film series ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.’ An extremely talented marksman, Clint refined his archery skills under the tutelage of the circus he, and his brother, joined as children. First teaming up with Black Widow, then becoming an Avenger, during his adventures, he sadly lost his hearing. Now fully deaf, Clint relies on his hearing aids, and lip reading to navigate his way through saving the world, which is, frankly, what makes him even more heroic. The two outstanding Hawkeye sagas written by Matt Fraction, Little Hits and My Life as a Weapon, allow readers to see a superhero that, for once, isn’t as intense as you’d expect. His adoration of coffee, his rescue of a dog, and his paying of the rent for his entire building present a completely different character to Deadpool, yet one who is similarly adored.


So, the team up of two beloved characters is certainly something to look forward to, and combined with the mystery of a possibly betrayal, who can resist? With Gerry Duggan, one of the main writers for Deadpool’s stories, and Matello Lolli, the most prominent artist of Deadpool’s comics, the expectations are certainly high. And, in these first two issues, they appear to have been met. Hopefully this series will continue to fulfill the promising standards already set.

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