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Going back in time with Queen Victoria

Going back in time with Queen Victoria





    Chapter 1


“Come on Emma!” yelled my best friend, Freya. A tall, spooky ride stood before our very eyes. Freya had been begging to go on it all day. Exhausted, after hours of journeying the park, we entered the ride. You see, it was Freya’s 13th birthday so she had invited me out of all of the other 21 girls in our class to come to Happy Histories Theme Park. For at least 30 minutes we had been queuing sleepily. Finally, we reached the ride that people has been spreading rumours about.

To our right was a bright glowing fire lantern brightening up the place a little. To our left, was an amazing, almost out of this world, recreation of Queen Victoria.



Chapter 2


We chugged along - a bit like a steam train. This ride was known all over the country for its scariness and how realistic it was. Slowly, the ride puffed along as we past the huge, ancient Victorian hospital and the tremendous mill factory the poor youngsters had to work in. A tear trickled down my cheek. At least I wasn’t around all those years ago.  All of a sudden, I began to feel quite queasy. I knew it had something to do with this silly, ancient ride. Suddenly, a gigantic gust of wind brushed past me! Then, it was triple catastrophe. I looked down to find myself flying. People down below gazed at me, muttering. It was like living in a nightmare. With all my might, I forced myself to move but the terrible force just wouldn’t let me. I was heading towards a Victorian school, the door wide open. The suction pulled me like a magnetic force. I was trembling with fear. My eyes clenched shut; I couldn’t bear to open them. What if I never returned?


Chapter 3


When I opened my eyes, my mouth dropped open. Right before me, was a silent, class of Victorian era children. At the front of the class was a strict, scowling teacher, bossing the class about. Then she did what Victorians are most famous for: whacking with canes. How I felt for that poor little youngster, full of agony and tears. I decided that this was total terror so I marched in to the class frantically. I was going to show that mistress who was the boss. I wandered in. Why was I making such a fool of myself? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! That stinky Madame had caught me!


Chapter 4


I was literally running for my life. I sprinted. I leaped. I jumped. Through the bustling streets I went. Past the market, past the Mill Factory until I reached a tall, fancy dressed figure. Cold sweat fell from my forehead. It looked like... QUEEN VICTORIA.

”The Queen!” I yelled.

”Simmer down darling, simmer down. I may look like the queen, but no. I’m her half sister.” A wave of relief took over me. She grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me to her home.

"Where am I going?” I bellowed.

“Why, my house of course.” I explained that my mother was waiting and that I had no time but she insisted that I would come. I needed a plan to get home and fast.


Chapter 5


A ha! I knew very well that I came here by flying and feeling quite queasy. So, I sucked my belly in, clenched my eyes tight and - hey presto - I was soaring over the busy streets of London. It was a bird’s eye view. I could feel the cool breeze brush past me. I waved down at the crowd watching me.


Chapter 6


I closed my eyes for as long as I could until, THUMP. I was in my warm cosy bed

.”Wake up Emma. Time for school.” My mum shouted. It turned out that it was just another nightmare. Phew! I was extremely relieved. I wiped my forehead. What a dream!


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