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Go a month without for charity!

Go a month without for charity!

Going a month without something is a very popular method of fundraising everywhere. Stoptober for instance, is an example of an official sponsorship event for charity where you stop smoking throughout the month of October in an attempt to kick start quitting smoking altogether. However, this isn’t something you’ll be interested in as it’s hopefully unlikely you need to stop smoking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your own month without something you’re known for! I once did a month without chocolate (it was the hardest thing ever!), but you could quit fizzy drinks or video games or pretty much anything!


The criteria for picking something to quit is simple. Ask yourself, ‘what’s something I can’t go a day without doing or eating?’ Whatever you just answered to that, is what you’ve got to quit!!! Once you’ve decided on this, the rest is easy.


You need to get as many people interested as possible. If you’re particularly loud, or known for your obsession with the thing you’re quitting, you should have no worries with getting people to sponsor you for the month! Make sure you keep telling people about what you’re doing before and during your month. Set up a system so that you only collect the money after you’ve completed the entire month. Sponsorship sheets are a good way of keeping track of who’s sponsored you how much and, if you take a number down, can help you get in contact with your sponsors once the month is up.


Equally, there are a number of online sponsorship sites that you can set up and post on social media sites to get even more interest from people you don’t necessarily get to see in the day to day.  


The actual month will probably be an incredibly tough test of your will power. I know for a fact, if you’re anything as addicted to your chosen thing as I was to chocolate, you’ll find it really difficult not to indulge. Particularly if it’s something other people are eating or talking about! However, when you complete it you’ll be so proud of yourself and, even better, you’ll be able to collect all your sponsorship and send it off to the charity you chose!


Good luck to all the brave people who are going to attempt this! Let us know here at Kings how it goes!

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