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GingerBread Men

GingerBread Men

Christmas is not far off, only two months to go! But to make sure that you are ready and prepared you can start perfecting your christmas baking now! Here is a recipe for one of Christmas’ most well known foods – gingerbread men! This recipe makes about 15 men, which you can decorate in any way you wish. Here it calls for you to use plain white icing to decorate with, but you can use any colour to create any design you want!



75g Light Brown Soft Sugar

2 Tbsp. Golden Syrup

1 Tbsp. Black Treacle

1 Tbsp. Water

1 Tsp. Ground Cinnamon

1 Rounded Teaspoon Ground Ginger

A pinch of Cloves

Grated Zest of ½ Orange

95g Butter

½ Teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda

225g Plain Flour

Ready made tube of white icing (can be any colour you wish)




- Add all of the sugar, treacle, water, spices and zest together in a large saucepan and mix together. Turn on the heat and bring it to a boil.

- Once the mixture has reached boiling point take it off the heat and take the butter, cut it into squares and stir it into the mixture. Then add the bicarbonate of soda and mix that in too.

- Next get the flour and sift it slowly into the mixture and stir continuously until the mixture turns into a dough.

- Cover the dough and leave it in the fridge for about half an hour to allow it to cool down and become more maganeable. Towards the end of the half an hour turn on the oven and pre-heat it to 180 degrees.

- Take out the dough and use a rolling pin to roll out the dough to about 3mm thick. Then take your gingerbread men cutters and cut out the shapes. Place the bisquits on a baking tray lined with baking paper and put them in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until the biquits feel firm when lightly pressed. Try to only put one tray in at a time so that they are all cooked at the same place in the oven and evenly.

- Leave the biscuits to cool before you begin to decorate, but then go crazy!



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