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Ghost Stories (part 1)

Ghost Stories (part 1)

No one can be sure how mythical or not the ghostly world is, but there have certainly been several paranormal experiences throughout history that are difficult to explain logically. Here are just a few stories that will make your skin crawl...

The Enfield Haunting

In 1977 a family of one mother (Margeret) and four children (Margaret, Janet, Johnny and Billy) began suddenly to experience strange and unexplainable phenomena in their home. A chest of drawers started shuffling forwards when the girls were asleep which the mother assumed was them messing around and pushed it back into place but as she did so it lurched towards her! The entire family were kept awake all night following this disturbance by knocks and bangs throughout the house though of course at this point besides being strange none of this was conclusively paranormal activity.

The next morning, exhausted from no sleep, the family told their neighbour about the occurrences who, upon entering their house, said a knocking sound followed him from room to room. The strange activities continued and worsened as toys were thrown around and Janet was made to levitate above her bed! Passers-by stated they saw Janet hovering above her bed through the window with toys swirling around her in the background. By this point the evidence pointed to paranormal activity and both a priest and medium were called in but to no avail.

On one occasion the sheets in Janet’s bed tried to strangle her and in desperation her mother phoned the police. Upon arrival they witnessed her levitating and things being thrown around the room which they stated in their report. By this point the haunting was well known and the daily mirror newspaper visited the house to cover it, capturing a picture of Janet levitating! The Case was so strong by now that two paranormal investigators came into the house, Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair.

Failure of electronic gadgets inside the house that worked perfectly outside, strange pools of water appearing with no explanation of their origin and the fireplace in the girls’ room being ripped from the wall are just a few of the strange activities they recorded, but most terrifying of all was when the spirit spoke. Sitting in the living room one day the family heard very clearly a dog barking as though in the room with them but they had no dog and there were none walking by outside at the time! Assuming the spirit was making contact the paranormal experts asked the spirit to speak with them using a human voice and it did, through Janet.

Janet became possessed and spoke in a deep manly voice which was yet also almost demonic. The voice claimed to be that of an old man who had lived there previously and had died in the living room armchair of a brain hemorrhage. The man’s son was called to hear the voice who identified it clearly as that of his deceased father. After nearly two years of the old man’s haunting, it stopped as suddenly as it had begun. Janet to this day says she feels the old man who possessed her body is somehow still with her. The story is one of the most convincing cases of paranormal activity ever recorded.

IMAGE: (The picture captured by the Daily Mirror of Janet levitating above her bed).        

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