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Getting crafty with beach towels

Getting crafty with beach towels

When doing arts and crafts at home, you don’t always have to go out and buy loads of expensive materials or equipment. Some of the best crafts involve recycling old materials and turning them into something new and more useful. If you have old towels lying around at home, a really nice idea is to use this as material for a new creation. There are plenty of things you can use towels for and it is probably cheaper than buying a new item at the shops. It also means that whatever you create will be unique as no one else in the world will have an exact copy.

To begin, you can take an old towel and refurbish it into a bath mat for your bathroom floor. For this project you’ll need some gridded matting, which you can buy from most fabric and craft shops. This matting should be the size that you want your bath mat to be, so you may want to have a look in your bathroom and see what dimensions would suit it best. It’s difficult to give a guide on what size it should be, since if you have a small bathroom, a standard size might not fit well, but if you can’t work out what looks good, see if you have any other bath mats around the house that you can measure. Once you have all of your materials, you’ll now want to cut your towels into strips, probably about 3 quarters of an inch wide, or about the width of an adult finger. Then cut these strips into lengths of 5-6 inches. Once you’re done with this part of the instructions you should be left with enough pieces of towel to cover the matting. There should be at least as many pieces as there are holes in the matting. It’s also probably a good idea to make sure with anyone else in your household that the towels you use are not wanted, and to make sure your towels have been cleaned before you use them. Now take your strips and pull each one through a hole in the matting. Then tie it in a knot to the matting so that either end of the fabric strip is now pointing upwards. If you continue to do this across the whole mat until it is completely covered, then eventually your bath mat will have a nice luxurious look and feel. This is quite a simple craft because it doesn’t really matter how rough your knots are because by the end they’ll be completely covered by the soft towel material you’ve created. You will probably need several towels to complete the design, so it helps if you have several of the same colour. However, if not you can work out a simple pattern, such as stripes which use up all of the colours that are available.

You can now use your comfy bath mat when you get out of the bath or shower. You’ve saved money by not buying a new one, and you’ve helped the environment by not throwing your old towels into landfill.  In the next article, I’ll be looking at another fun project you can do using your old towels!


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