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Garage Sales

Garage Sales

A garage sale is a fundraising event that takes minimum effort and amounts no cost if you do it well. You can do it just with your family, or team up with friends to create the ultimate garage sale, and this is how you do it!


Firstly, go around the house, the garage, the attic and pick up absolutely anything you don’t want, your parents don’t want or that never ever gets used and put it to one side. These are your goods to sell. Make sure everything you’ve picked is in working order and as clean as you can get it – no one will want to buy broken or dirty things! If you’re doing your garage sale with friends, get them to do the same and bring their things to whoever’s house is in the busiest street. Once you’ve done this everything is fairly straight forward.


You’ll need at least one table and some chairs to set up outside, however, your goods will determine the space you need. For example, if you’ve got a lot of clothes to sell, you may want a hanging rack. It might be an idea to make some posters and signs to put up on your house and decorations to make the table look cool outside. You might also want to post some flyers in the few streets around your house to let them know that you’re having a garage sale for charity. You need to drum up as much interest as possible, otherwise you’ll only get the ordinary passers-by at your sale.


You need to put a lot of effort into individually pricing your goods. Think about the retail price, but also about the wear and tear on the items. The more expensive something is, the less likely it is that it will get bought. Your aim is to sell as much as possible so under-pricing items is acceptable if it seems the best way to shift the merchandise. Make sure you have a float of change so that you don’t have the problem of people not buying what they want as they only have notes. Also be willing to barter prices – any money is good money and there is no point arguing over how much an item goes for, particularly when it’s something you probably would have thrown out anyway!


Lastly, think about setting up a drinks stall for tea, coffee and lemonade to attract extra visitors. Not only is this a way to get customers to stay and look around longer, but it’s also a great way to get to know your neighbours better! Count up all you raised at the end of the day and send it off to your chosen charity! Hopefully you’ll have raised money, shifted things you didn’t even want anyway, and made some great memories in the process of this fundraiser! Let us know how your garage sale went!

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