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Fun Ways to Exercise

Fun Ways to Exercise

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like exercise. P.E. lessons are the worst part of your week, but you’re unwilling to fake illnesses to get out of them. Consequently, I swore that I’d never make myself do any of those things I did in P.E. ever again once I’d left school. Yet, here I am, and I come crawling back to the things they taught me in order to feel a bit less guilty about surviving on junk food. Here’s some advice to make exercise feel like less of a chore, and to get exercise without paying vast sums of money for a gym membership.


First things first, get your friends over. If you’re a bit ashamed of what you look like when you work out, then that’s fine, but if you’re comfortable with yourself you can usually have a laugh. Especially if it’s a group activity, and everybody wants to be there, you’ll find exercise a lot more fun than when you did P.E. lessons. Nobody is forcing you to do it, or watching your every move, so remember to have fun!


Aerobics was something I hated the least in P.E. They used to play funky music, and I enjoy moving my body in time with the music. You might need a bit of space, so use the garden or the living room. You don’t need an instructor – just go on the internet and search for aerobics workouts. Many celebrities often do fitness DVDs, so you can have a laugh as you watch someone from the TV doing the same silly moves as you. I’ve recently been using Bipasha Basu (a Bollywood actress) workouts, which I found on Youtube.


Or, if you prefer feeling like you’ve used your muscles more than the feeling of burning calories, try yoga. You’ll need a bit of space, and if you have a mat it might be helpful to use that. You can find hundreds of yoga videos on the internet that tone the places you want. Yoga has also been proved to be a real stress reducer, so it’ll help you to relax.


Though this usually involves going out in public with exercise gear on, jogging with a friend or whilst listening to music is a good opportunity to get your heart rate up. You can also get some fresh air, which is always a nice break from hanging around indoors.


Do you do that thing where you’re listening to your favourite song and all you want to do is dance? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately public spaces don’t really offer us the right environment in which to express our inner dance divas, but your bedroom works just as well. Let it go, let it go!


Lastly, swimming does you a power of good. The water ensures that you use your muscles, but you don’t get the same kind of impact that you might do from running. Swimming also means you use all your muscles to keep you afloat. Plus, swimming is fun, even for lazy kids like me!


I know it’s difficult to motivate yourself, but think of how healthy you’ll be getting if you do any of these on a regular basis. It is rewarding in the long run.


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