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Zara-Grace Eyoma

Zara-Grace Eyoma


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About Me: Hi, my name is Zara-Grace. I like writing for Kingsnews because it gives me confidence and an avenue into a world of fantasy. I am 9 years old, with an interest in literature. Thank you for this opportunity and I really, truly hope you enjoy my articles! Thanks!!

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Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables



Fruits and Vegetables



Fruits and vegetables for our food,

Healthy, fresh and ripe,

Lovely tastes and special shapes,

All a different type.


Poppy-red apples,

You eat with your hand,

Sweet as you bite into them,

Juice like the golden sand.


Sunset-coloured oranges,

A little leaf on top,

When its tingly taste melts up your tongue,

It makes you want to hop.


Daffodil-yellow bananas,

Curved like the half-moon,

Delicious, soft and bright,

A perfect snack for the afternoon.


Ruby-red strawberries,

Fleshy and yummy,

Dotted with spots that are actually seeds,

It is a delicious fruit to fill your tummy.


Orange, hard carrots,

Grow from underneath the ground,

When you crunch on them for snack or lunch,

It makes a crispy sound.


Round, large pumpkins,

Buried in the deep,

If you go closer into the soil when it’s growing,

You can get a little peep!


Blood-red tomatoes,

Golden drops of seed juice,

Some stutter when they try to eat it,

I think we need a truce.


Flaming-hot fiery peppers,

Streaming red fluids crack from inside,

Some people think they’re spicy as chillis,

They just need a little time.


By Zara GNE



My poem is about different fruits and vegetables. It is not all kinds of fruits and vegetables, but I wrote about some of my favourite fruits and veggies...

Health is a priority in life. The balance between sickness and health. Being healthy is very important, as your body can’t take all the unhealthy foods and drinks and keep with them. Your body is like a car, and food and drink are the fuel. If you keep tossing unhealthy food/fuel in there, your car can’t start, and will eventually BREAK DOWN. Healthy ones will start the car and you can drive it clearly. Some fruits and vegetables can be delicious too!

I think of fruits and vegetables as messages from God, informing us of our natural surroundings. I remember at Harvest, we gave thanks to God for our food and drink. 5 a day keeps the doctor away, but how much do we actually know about its importance? Do we actually know? Eat the rainbow, a series of different-coloured fruits and veggies fill your plate, gobble away. No matter how many times you complain it’s disgusting, you’ll always find that sweet taste swimming in the saliva of your mouth, waiting to slide down the rollercoaster of your digestive system.

Like a Maoam treat from the store, I personally like the orange and lemon sweets, but if I really concentrate on their flavours, they’re not that different from actual oranges and actual lemons. So there is NO excuse to love fruit-flavoured sweets, and hate fruits. Fruit-flavoured snacks and fruits, what’s the difference? The taste? I didn’t notice anything, but maybe you can...

Fruits and vegetables play an important role in our daily lives. We can’t take them for granted, you never know when you might need a trusty mango to cure your pain.

Thank you for reading my poem and description of fruits and vegetables.

PS: Did you know blending fruit into a juice just extracts some of the healthy elements out? Right, your apple or orange JUICE, replaces some of the healthy elements, with pinches of good old sugar. ………Crisps! Crisps! gotta die down on crisps!


By Zara GNE

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