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Emma Eismontaite

Emma Eismontaite


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About Me:Hello! My name is Emma, and I'm fifteen. I do tennis as well as horse-riding. Also, I love Art and English, and have chosen to write stories because I love creative writing! x

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Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake

   Frozen Lake


I will never forget the time when my family and I and my best friend Demi went to Glenbrook Park in winter. We all had to wrap up warmly in scarves, hats, gloves, coats, jumpers and extra pairs of socks, due to the cold. I had buried my nose deep into my thick, cosy scarf as we plodded along the snowy path, the freezing winter breeze blowing soft snow in our faces. Everywhere we looked was coated thickly in ivory dust.

     We were looking around for a skating rink, but we hadn’t found one for hours on end and everyone wanted to stop their toes from going stiff and numb.

     After a few more minutes, we came across a lake that was (or so we had thought) frozen solid. None of us had brought any skating shoes; as we had thought that the rink would provide us with them, now we just had to make do with regular shoes.

     “Are you sure that the lake is safe enough to hold everyone up at the same time?” Mum asked Dad anxiously.

     “Of course, but just to be on the safe side, maybe we should go on one at a time,” Dad replied, shivering hopelessly because of the cold.

     “I’ll go on first!” I piped up, interrupting their conversation.

     Mum and Dad let me, pursuant to the fact that I was the oldest out of me and my little brother. Gabe, who is a cheeky boy, always wants to know every secret before entering his room to get something as simple as a pencil - so my parents wouldn’t have let him go first anyway, even if he was the eldest.

     Carefully and cautiously, I poked one foot out and gently pointed it like a ballerina and leaned forward, placing the foot onto the ice. I had done this a few times, but after ten never-ending steps, I felt the ice shake ever so slightly and tremble. My heart froze rigidly and I stopped. I unhurriedly peered over my shoulder to where my family were.

     But they were gone. Disappeared into thin air. As had all the others in the park. I was all alone in the misty morning air.

     I had taken a few deep breaths, closing my eyelids and counting to ten. My mind told me to carry on, so I did. But I soon wished I had never done that. I had just looked down again to concentrate on my footing, when my eyes caught something nearby. Gradually, I reached it. Squinting, I kneeled down to take a closer look. My eyes suddenly widened in horror. I goggled down at the bone of an arm with wriggly bits for fingers, floating in the water. My hand clamped over my mouth to prevent myself from screaming out in shock.

     Without thinking, I rapidly stood back up, my feet on the thin ice; not knowing what was going to happen next, I lost my balance and slid backwards, cracking noises marching up into the air loudly.

     The splash and lapping sound of waves sounded out below my feet and I toppled into the rapids, waving my arms about, even though the water was up to my nose and I knew that no one could see me.

     While the water continued to gurgle up my nose annoyingly, I sank more and more. I looked to my left and right, as if about to cross a road, to see if there were crocodiles or sharks in the lake; even though that was highly doubtful. That was a big mistake. I saw the woman’s body in the water, her eyeballs out of their sockets and rotting, her arm still outstretched.

     I screamed ferociously, bubbles rising to the top of the water. I clutched at my throat because I had no air left, feeling my face burning red, until I suddenly felt lots of pairs of strong arms pull me out of the water and onto the snowy land, dripping wet and shivering.

     “What a dreadful sight!” laughed Mum, hugging me tight even though I was soaked. “I don’t think we’ll be going ice skating for a while in winter! Especially on frozen lakes!”

     Seriously, that was not very nice to laugh when I nearly died!

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