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Zara-Grace Eyoma

Zara-Grace Eyoma


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About Me: Hi, my name is Zara-Grace. I like writing for Kingsnews because it gives me confidence and an avenue into a world of fantasy. I am 9 years old, with an interest in literature. Thank you for this opportunity and I really, truly hope you enjoy my articles! Thanks!!

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Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Four Seasons:


Four seasons,

Different in many a way,

From blooming flowers to moon-white snow,

It continues day by day.


Spring is a season of nature,

Fields flooding with more than one tree,

Violets, bluebells, roses and poppies,

Such a magnificent sight to see.



Summer is a season of hot temperature,

Three months to go in the pool,

The beaming sun sends a wind of heat,

The shade is where you’ll get cool.


Autumn is a season of wind,

Colourful leaves twirl in the breeze,

Looking at such eye-catching beauty,

Makes your heart glow with ease.


Winter is a season of cheer,

Celebrations galore,

Decorations on the walls,

That’s what winter is for.


Seasons help the world go round,

Each with their special touch,

To all the four of nature’s appearances,

We thank you very much!


One year of continuous seasons,

Spring, summer, autumn and winter,

This cycle will still go on,

God was very clever!




My poem is about the four different seasons that help the world go round in harmony. They are natural occasions, three months for each stage. A year has twelve months. Spring takes March, April and May. Summer takes June, July and August. Autumn takes September, October and November. Finally, winter takes December, January and February. 4x3=12. They are split fairly, so they each have an equal amount of time to all express themselves and fit it into a year perfectly. Equal!


Seasons are stages of nature, shared out equally in time. Spring is the season that flowers and blossoms bloom in the meadows and breath-taking gardens, natural radiance as they burst with colourful lights of every sort. Summer is the season where the burning air flows gracefully, plants swivelling in the heat, farmers sweating as they work on the crops, glorious, delicious vegetables for our food, the sun brightly illuminating the sky. Autumn is the season of the transition of harvest, autumn leaves blowing with the colours of fire, gold, orange, orange-red, fiery-brown, chocolate brown, red, tiger orange, tomato-red... Cold air spinning through the streets and towns.


The silver, dotted, dark moon and clouds drift across the sky, leaves and dirt blowing in the hesitant whooshes of oxygen, stars glittering and shimmering brightly in the night, like the white, glistening cloaks of heavenly angels. Winter is the season when branches stand leafless and bare in the dry woods and forests. Snow and frost lies around, as snowflakes fall from the grey clouds, a storm of snow whirling and circling like a tornado. At night, little snowballs hang and dangle over the first growing leaves on the trees, it all melting away for next year’s spring. Seasons are very important to the world, so nature can evolve or transform into beautiful things that help keep Earth’s cycle going. It is a extraordinary experience!


Thank you for reading my poem and description of seasons. Enjoy!


PS: Did you know? Seasons do not actually move as fast as their months do. It’s weird because people predict the season stops right at the end of the last month. I personally think they should be on point... Just a suggestion.


By Zara GNE:

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