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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Flames of Rage part 2

Flames of Rage part 2
“How do you know? 

“My dad used to teach someone like this. They would struggle to control their emotions. As they progressed, he realised there was more power compared to others. The strength was amplified by like ten. They were capable of much more. Only one percent contain rage and it is very rare compared to before  fifteen percentMany of these few people disappeared throughout the ages.” 


“Well, um, that’s strange: how could so many people disappear? 


“I don’t know. I never really thought anything of it.” 


 “Maybe it was just a coincidence. I just feel like there is more to it than it seems. 


“Well, if you want I can talk to him about training you––“ 


“No. I mean, I don’t want anybody else to know about it in general. There is a massive chance that my mum might find out if he will spill it to her by mistake. 


My dad is a professional. You would be in safe hands.” 


“Olivia, I said no. Can this just be our little secret?” 


“Ok, if you really want. Ava, I have to get going, bye. See you tomorrow.” 




      They both dispersed and began to walk with their heads down. They climbed over the wall and went on to the streets and entered their houses. Ava greeter her parents and then went upstairs. She sat at her desk. She flipped her board. Ava took a pin out of her draw and attached thread to it. The pin sunk its sharp edge into the picture of Olivia above the post it note reading: suspicious knowledge of disappearance. She flung herself in her chair and thought about it. “What happens if someone was particularly targeting these people. Maybe this is what caused the large decrease.” Ava attaches a question mark. Who could it be?” She records the percentage drop and sticks it around the question mark. 

       The next morning they met at school again. “Hi,” they murmured at each otherThey continued to walk in their direction of travel until Olivia broke the awkward silence. “Look, I’m sorry. I totally understand that you didn’t want my dad––"

“No, don’t worry. It’s fine. They both turned and headed towards their lockers together. “Anyways, we need to come up with a code word for when we are out and about. Any ideas?” Ava explained. 


“How about dogs?”  


“Olivia, really!” 


Why not, they are cute and adorable. Who would suspect a thing?” 


True! But … you got a point. Sure. Which dog should I buy?” Olivia laughed and opened her notebook.  


“German shepherds are cute but maybe you would want something smaller.” 


“That thing looks like a wolf.” They laughed.  


“How about a Labrador?” 


“Aww! Yes, it’s perfect.” They walked out of the campus specifying their dog. 


      Later that night they began to walk home talking about the dog. When they arrived in the forest, they stopped using the code words as nobody has ever used this path. As they began to walk, a wet drop fell in between them. The green fluid splashed on the floor, stopping them dead in their tracks.  “Um, what was that?”

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