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Five Top Tips for coping with the holiday season

Five Top Tips for coping with the holiday season

The festive season, despite being the season for joy, cheer and being merry, can often be stressful for many of us! This is hardly surprising, considering all the last-minute present buying our families have to do. Also, Christmas is the time when the family gets together (often the only time in the year), and seeing our relatives after long periods away can be both jolly and tense at the same time. Here are 5 top tips for staying calm, keeping your cool and enjoying yourself this Christmas.


1. This first one is ridiculously obvious, but try not to stress! After all, Christmas is only one day in 365, and your friends and family will forgive you if you don’t get them the best present ever or put on the best Christmas jumper. Avoid shopping at busy times, as you’ll dodge the worst of the Christmas stampede. The Boxing Day and January sales can be impossibly busy, because everybody is out to get the same bargains. So as tempting as the reductions in the shops can be, maybe look online from the comfort of your own home, instead of risk being trampled on in the packed shopping centres.


2. The most important thing about Christmas is to enjoy the time spent with your family and friends. However, we all know they can be a little bit much sometimes. If they annoy you, try changing the subject to something more pleasant, or failing that retreat into a quiet place for a little bit of peace. Best to do this than to insult somebody, as this might crop up in Christmasses to come and be a future source of embarrassment for you!


3. The main event on Christmas day is, of course, the dinner. However, your parents/guardians will have planned in detail all the cooking times and things, in order to have it laid out perfectly for the Christmas spread at mealtime. See if you can give them a hand – they’ll really appreciate it, and a problem shared is a problem halved, so they’ll be less stressed too. You’ll definitely get into their good books. It’s a win-win situation!


4. After you’ve done this, eat and enjoy all the food you can – Christmas only comes around once a year, which means Christmas dinner only comes around once a year, so make the most of it! The Christmas period also has some of the best television of the year, with Christmas specials from Miranda, Downton Abbey and of course, Doctor Who. Relax in front of the TV for an evening of awesome TV that’ll keep you entertained for hours.


5. Last but certainly not least, try and forget that Christmas isn’t about stress, it’s about love! Gift-giving and receiving is what you’ve been waiting for, so after all the shopping is done, just remember to enjoy yourself on Christmas day. Too many people get bogged down with worries and fears with entertaining people, but they’re there mainly to see you, so just be yourself and don’t worry about all that extra stuff. Put on a merry Christmas song or a traditional film – that’s quick and easy, and a good sing-song is more than enough in most people’s books.


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