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Film Review: Spy

Film Review: Spy

Suitable for 15+!


The action-comedy film Spy has recently come out in cinemas, and it really is a must-see. I’ve never left the cinema feeling so pumped up, happy and empowered. Though it’s a little bit gory, I laughed out loud throughout the film, and loved every minute. The storyline had enough twists and turns to keep its audience interested, and Melissa McCarthy’s brash and crude brand of humour held up very well against Jason Statham’s macho-man demeanour. The film is about an ordinary woman working in a CIA office, who becomes an unlikely spy… hilarity ensues.


Melissa McCarthy’s protagonist, Susan Cooper, is part of a team with dreamy Jude Law. She is his eyes and ears, and she instructs him through his earpiece. However, when Jude Law’s character is killed in action, Susan steps up to the mark. Everybody doubts her at first, because she had been raised by her mother not to make too much of a fuss. Well, everybody except her best friend, played by legendary English comic Miranda Hart in her Hollywood debut. Susan travels around Europe in an attempt to take down a terrorist organisation, going way beyond the call of duty to avenge her fallen agent. She allows her more ferocious side to come out when fighting the bad guys, and gets very close to the main villain (Rose Byrne) by posing as her foul-mouthed bodyguard. Will ordinary Susan Cooper succeed in taking down the bad guys?


We’ve got a pretty good idea of who our main character is, but what about the others? The cast of this film is very female-led, so the main character, her best friend, the bad guy and the boss are all played by women. Miranda Hart has toned down her act a little for this film, but lovers of Miranda will still notice the little quirks in her character. Rose Byrne plays the main villain, the daughter of a billionaire who plans to sell a nuclear bomb to terrorists. Jude Law plays Susan’s charming and handsome partner, and Peter Serafinowicz plays a sleazy (and very stereotypical) Italian agent. He was actually one of the many highlights of this film! Jason Statham also has an important role as an English agent also hell-bent on getting revenge for Jude Law’s death. Imagine a cockney version of Bruce Willis, and you’ll pretty much get Statham’s character in this film. He holds his own in a comedy performance, which was a bit of a pleasant surprise.


Watch out for the blood, guts and gore, if you don’t particularly enjoy watching that stuff. Also, if you’re a bit sensitive to swearing, this might not be the film for you. If that’s not an issue, then this film really stands out from the rest. It’s rare that a film has so many strong female characters, and it’s equally rare when they are the focus, and not a side line. Especially with action films, women are portrayed as the victims, but not in this one! It proves that female-driven films can not only be commercially successful, but convincing and hilarious to boot. 10 out of 10!


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