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Film Review: Paul Blart, Mall Cop 2

Film Review: Paul Blart, Mall Cop 2

We’ve seen the first film, now let’s have a look at the second. Paul Blart is often the butt of everybody’s low-level policeman jokes, but it’s time for our unlikely hero to step up again when he goes on a trip to Las Vegas. With his colourful Hawaiian shirts and unfortunate (but hilarious) blood disorder that causes him to faint a lot, nobody ever expects anything of this Mall Cop. But things are getting serious this time, and as Las Vegas has some of the wealthiest people in the world there, it’s apparently prone to big heists (like in Ocean’s 11)


Much has changed in Paul Blart’s life since the first film, and he looks at how his life has changed since the mall heist. He’s renowned in the security world for saving the mall, but it was six years ago, and people begin to grow tired of hearing the stories. His daughter gets accepted into UCLA, which is on the other side of America to Paul. On the plus side, they’ve been invited to a big security convention in Las Vegas, and off they go. But there’s one problem – they are staying in the same hotel as a violent gang who are trying to pull off a big art robbery. Spoiler alert – Paul’s daughter Maya gets taken hostage for the second time, and Paul Blart uses everything he can find to get her back again.


Paul Blart has changed little since the first film, so he’s still the same guy everybody knows and loves. He’s become a little more brooding as he realises he might end up lonely when Maya leaves, but ultimately he remains a supportive parent. Maya is all grown up, going to parties, talking to boys and wearing high heels. We’ve also got some new friends, including some hilarious security guards also attending the conference, who come to Paul’s aid when he needs them. You also get to meet some hotel staff, including possibly the most photogenic hotel workers in history – the Wynn Las Vegas’ beautiful general manager, and the dashing head of security. The baddies in this film are more of a mixed bunch, and the main villain is more comedic than the bad guy in the first film.


The film takes place in Las Vegas, a far cry from New Jersey. Las Vegas is a city full of bright lights, incredible swimming pools, palm trees, massive buildings and of course, themed hotels. It’s also famous for its nightlife and theatrical scene, because there is so much going on. In fact, the film shows Vegas in such an epic light that this film could work for the Las Vegas Department of Tourism! It’ll make you want to go there, promise.


The comedy in this film is altogether harmless, and pretty funny at times. It’s not as predictable as your average kid’s film, and it’s got a few grown-up jokes in there too. If you liked the first film, you’ll like this one too. Whether this film makes a lot of money at the box office is a different matter, but if you’re looking for some good family fun this Easter holiday, look no further.


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