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Film Review: Paul Blart, Mall Cop

Film Review: Paul Blart, Mall Cop

Paul Blart is a character created by American comedian Kevin James. He’s already had one movie, and with the sequel out now it seems fitting to have a look at the first film. The sequel is set in Las Vegas, a huge tourist destination with some of the largest, weirdest and busiest shopping centres in the world. Catching bad guys in a place you could easily bump into fake Elvis, or chasing them down the Strip in Vegas-themed costumes could be a recipe for hilarity. But will it be any different from the first film? Read this review, then judge for yourself.


The basic plot to this family comedy is about Paul Blart, a massively overweight security guard in America. He takes his job very, very seriously, and the other security guards think he’s a bit weird because of this. He also suffers from a condition called hypoglycaemia, which means he faints if he doesn’t have enough sugar in his system. Naturally, he overcompensates for this. Paul Blart’s life is pretty dull, but one day a group of robbers decide to steal from all the stores in the mall, and Paul Blart is the only one around. Does he save the day, despite all those challenges? Does he get the girl? How many stupid things that he does can you count?


So there’s obviously Paul Blart, who we’ve gotten to know a little already. He lives with his elderly mother, and his daughter. Her mother left them ages ago, as she tricked Blart into a sham marriage in order to gain US citizenship. Blart has some friends at the mall, including a couple of blokes that own a phone stand and a hot sauce stand. A new stand comes to the mall, selling hair accessories, and it’s owned by a beautiful lady named Amy. Love interest alert! Blart spends most of the film trying to win her over, even if he does goofy things.


The comedy in this film is mostly slapstick, and I expect the second will be too. However, some of the things Paul Blart says are witty and funny, and the things he does… well, they’re just downright cringe worthy. There’s a lot of falling over, rolling over, falling through the roof, embarrassing drunken moments, embarrassing sober moments, and stupid yet clever ways of defeating the bad guys.


According to film website IMDB, this film is a spoof of 1980’s classic Die Hard, which starred Bruce Willis. I am a die-hard fan of Die Hard, and now I’ve heard that, I can see a few similarities. Firstly, there’s the unlikely hero. Secondly, it’s set at Christmas time. Blart also picks off the baddies one by one, which is what Bruce Willis does. Lots of things he does are actually noticeable parodies of the film, including the crawling through the air vents in order to hide from them. Obviously, Paul Blart is for younger audiences, but I still enjoyed it. And I’m proud to say I’m excited for the sequel. Take that, snobby film critics!


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