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Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb

Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb

Night at the Museum is a really popular film series, documenting the after-dark exploits of Larry Daley, a night guard at the New York Museum of Natural History. Sounds dull, but inside the museum is a magical item that brings all the exhibits to life. Larry works out how to get on with the troublesome T-Rexes and wise waxworks, and learns to really love his job.


This year, our old friends go global, because the franchise takes us to London and the British Museum. In the second film, they took a trip to Washington DC, but now they’re taking a 3 and a half thousand mile trip across the pond. The magical tablet is in danger, because its magic is running out. This means the lives of Theodore Roosevelt, Sakagawea, buddies Jedediah and Octavius and many, many more are under threat, and it’s Larry’s job to save them.


As with every Night at the Museum film, we’ve got some awesome new characters being introduced. One of these is Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table. He’s played by Dan Stevens, or Matthew Crawley for Downton Abbey fans. One of the true delights of the film was the unexpected celebrity cameos, so look out for those because they’re epic! The best new character by far, with the wittiest lines, was a night guard at the British museum – played by Australian comedian Rebel Wilson. “She could be a supermodel… if she didn’t love pizza so much!” has the potential to become a classic line in the future. She’s endearing and relatable, but also hilarious.


The film builds on the unlikely friendship between cowboy Jedediah and Roman soldier Octavius. The two hated each other at the start of the first film, but by the end of that one they were best friends. In this one, we explore the depth of their relationship, and Octavius sometimes hints he’s looking for more than friendship. In fact, Night at the Museum has many unlikely friendships and relationships, including the one between President Theodore Roosevelt and Native American guide Sakagawea. In reality, this never would have happened! You’ve also got Attila the Hun becoming friends with Larry, which is incredible considering he is famous for invading and pillaging places.


Alas, this film is a bittersweet one. It’s the last in the series, so fans are bound to be sad when the movie comes to a close. The tragic death of actor Robin Williams, or Theodore Roosevelt, looms large over the story. It was his last appearance in film, playing one of his most beloved characters. Mickey Rooney, playing old night guard Gus, is also remembered at the end of the film.


All the films in the series are great in their own right, so it’s hard to say how this one compares! The films appeal to everyone, with children and adults both revelling in the magic of famous historical figures coming to life and interacting with each other. Where else can you see a T-Rex skeleton that’s got the personality of a puppy? Definitely worth the trip to the cinema this New Year.


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