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Film Review: Bad Education

Film Review: Bad Education

Suitable for 15+!


Bored? Need something to spend your Meerkat Movies on? Don’t fancy seeing Paper Towns? Look no further than the Bad Education Movie, which came out a few weeks ago. It’s based on the TV series “Bad Education”, which shows a class of mismatched, ill-behaved schoolkids and their teacher, Alfie Wickers. Mr. Wickers is played by posh comedian Jack Whitehall, and the series features lots of jokes based on the fact Mr. Wickers treats the children more like friends than pupils. It’s not really advanced comedy, but if you loved the Inbetweeners and the movies based on that, then you’ll probably enjoy this trip to the cinema too.


The TV series is set at the fictional Abbey Grove School, and features a host of characters. This includes the eccentric headmaster, Mr. Wickers’ father, a love interest, and a bunch of unique schoolchildren that make up Class K. Alfie is always getting into trouble for his “different” brand of teaching, even though the class loves learning about history by playing “Class Wars”. Everybody builds a blockade and fights the other half of the class, apparently re-enacting famous wars and battles. At the end of the last series, everyone had finished their exams and were about to head off in different directions, but they couldn’t possibly have just left it at a few sad goodbyes. And that’s where we pick up.


Alfie, much like the viewer ourselves, can’t bear to say goodbye to Class K without giving them a massive send off. After a horrendous trip to Amsterdam, Alfie is banned from taking everybody on a trip, but manages to get around it by offering an educational trip to Cornwall – under clear instructions not to get into any trouble. However, trouble is brewing underneath the tranquil Cornish surface, and Class K find themselves in rather a lot of trouble. Oh, dear!


So, we have the cast of regulars. Alfie, his girlfriend, the headmaster, his dad, and his class. One of the actors, who plays teacher’s pet Joe, actually went to Royal Holloway! They’ve changed a lot since the first series, and they’ve definitely grown up. We also have a cast of new people, and there were actually a few appearances from (relatively!) high-profile British actors. Remember the film War Horse? The guy who played the lead role in that makes an appearance as Atticus Hoye, Alfie’s friend we’ve heard a lot about, but never actually seen. Talulah Riley, from the modern adaptations of St. Trinian’s, also features as the legendary Atticus’ girlfriend. You might recognise a few of the other faces, too!


If you enjoyed watching the TV series, then this film is a must. Even if you’ve only ever seen a few episodes, or haven’t seen it at all, it’s not hard to get in to. Definitely worth it if you like dirty humour and explosions. If not, maybe this isn’t the film for you. Maybe you really should go and see Paper Towns instead.


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