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Fancy Dress Day

Fancy Dress Day

Planning a fancy dress day as a fundraiser is a lot like planning an own clothes day at school. However, to get away with fancy dress at school, it’s likely you’ll need some kind of event to base the fancy dress off of. For example, you could plan your fancy dress day to coincide with World Book Day, and ask pupils to dress up as their favourite book characters. However, if you google the date you’re thinking of, it’s almost definite that it is some kind of national holiday for something! Did you know that the 1st of September (today) is Labor Day in America! It’s almost impossible to find a day without a holiday attached to it somewhere in the world!


So, pick a day, pick a theme, and put it to your school. If your school has a charity or two that they’ve vowed to raise money for, as many do, you should suggest that the money you raise should be sent to those charities, otherwise give suggestions of a charity to raise money for and explain why it’s important that you do. Once you’ve got the okay from your head teacher to go ahead with the day, it’s time to start getting the word out. You need to go around each form (you may need volunteers to help with this), probably every registration for a week before the event, to tell students about the fancy dress day, the theme, and how much it is to dress up. Make it just £1, so it’s affordable. Also, pretend that most of the other classes have paid their money so that everyone pays their £1. No one wants to be the only one in school uniform when they’re surrounded by cool outfits.


Once you’ve got all the money together, you need to send it off to the charity you’ve chosen to raise money for. However, wait until around a week after the event, so people who pay on the day (raise the price to £2) or afterwards, can give you their money before you send it off. Make sure you take a lot of pictures on the day too! You’ll probably be able to put a picture and a few words in the school newsletter saying how much you raised!


The only thing left to think about is your outfit! As you planned the day, you need to go all out! Maybe you could even set up a best dressed prize for each year group to make sure you get the craziest and most interesting outfits popping up all day! Enjoy!

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