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Anastassia Puttnam

Anastassia Puttnam


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About Me:Hello my name is Anastassia Puttnam and I am one of the writers for kings news.I am always smiling and tremendously determined to do anything that is thrown at me. Furthermore people describe me as a quirky character with whacky ideas...that's why I now write these stories. However when I grow up I have always really wanted to be a doctor/heart surgeon, so thats my aim :)

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Fake Friends

Fake Friends

I remember it happening right infront of my eyes,


I thought I could trust them,



They said they would never lie,


But they did and I could have died,


I was out with my mates,


In a park somewere,


And there was a fast flowing river,


We needed to get across somehow,


But the only way was was the long way, 


It would have taken over an hour,


But we needed to get over it now,


They insisted it would be fine, 


There were rocks,


All in a line,


Leading from our side over to the other,


They said to hop from one to the other,


And I listened like they were my mother,


1, 2, 3 rocks and I was now in the middle,


However as I turned around to see how far I was,


My friends,


My mates,


They were gone,


I started to panic so I slipped and fell,


The current took me down the river,


And I thought I wasn't going to make it,


But there was a branch and I grabbed it by chance,


And I pulled myself up,


I was safe at last,


I never spoke to my "friends" again,


I thought I could trust them,


They were cool and I felt cool,


But I wasn't,


They weren't,


So the next day I went back to the school,


I informed them of what had happened,


But I was told off,


I shouldn't have listened,


I have a mind of my own,


My mates they got expelled from school,


A few weeks later I made some real friends,



And I,


Never went to the same park again.


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