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Fairytales are just dreams

Fairytales are just dreams

Since I was a little girl, I grew up with this idea - this dream - that my life was destined for great things. Love at first sight, daring quests, seeing the world from east to west. I dreamt of dark forces and evil witches cursing my future and spreading magic across the land. It was a fantasy. A creation of my own imagination that held fairies of all different colours and forests that contained secrets and creatures beyond our knowledge. It was better than any fairytale I had ever read. More enchanting than Sleeping beauty, more corageous than Snow White and even more magical than Cinderella.

But like every child, you soon learn the ways of the world and realize that the perfect fantasy you had escaped to every time you drifted into a peaceful slumber, was and will always be a dream. Don't get me wrong, I still love to picture myself styled in a long, sappire dress with a beautiful tiara resting upon my head. Even at fifteen, I can still remember how fine the fabric looked when the blazing sun reflected off the magnificent jewels. The refreshing wind gently swaying the wild rose bush that grew by the stream outside the cottage. The sound of the birds singing as the sky awoke.

It was the perfect world I thought my future held. However, since the age of eleven I've known deep down in my heart that I had been decieved. Decieved by the perfect princesses and the lives they lived. The people they met. Love at first sight.

Although, maybe thats true. Maybe there is such a thing as love at first sight.

Me, personally, I have never experienced such a thing. I believe that nowadays people commonly misconceive love at first sight with lust, which are both two separate thins. Lust - Is something you experience after seeing someone you are attracted to for the first time. A crush.

Love - Is a deeper feeling that no one can really define. It's a confusing that emotion which people experience differently. For me, it brings a painful strain to my heart that can only be healed once I'm in his arms. Love for me is when I cannot go a day without thinking of him or the way I feel whenever he messages me or holds me from behind. It's when, even if we have only been separated for an hour, I still miss him.

Sadly, love is now commonly used as a word you exchange with a boyfriend/girlfriend after less than three days together. Young couples throw it around as if it was just a friendly phrase you say to a friend. But what happened to true love? True love's kiss and everything fairytales teach you?

What happened to the passionate and defiant love that dared you to do spontanieous things and take a leap of faith? A love like Romeo and Juliet or Ariel and Eric. Both great love stories that show two people may come from separate worlds or have troubled pasts that could strain the relationship, but they put all that aside because they can't imagine themselves with anyone else. And even the thought of being separated was unbearable.

It seems it has vanished along with the real definition of love.

Fairytales may just be dreams, but life is real and it's what we make of it.

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