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   The eagle is a bird of prey and is most commonly associated with images of strength, freedom and power. As a result, an eagle features on the seal for the President of the United States and on various important documents. The eagle also features greatly in religion and Greek mythology. The eagle is the symbol for Zeus, the king of the Gods, which suggests the enormous power of this God who would transform into an eagle on occasion.


   The mighty image that the eagle has accumulated for itself over the centuries may be attributed to the power of the eagle, such as its large talons and the broadness of its wings, as well as its success as a bird of prey. With over 60 different species of eagle in the world, this bird is at the top of its food chain, with powerful weapons at its disposal which include its large hooked beak and its incredibly sharp talons. This is aided further by their extremely good eyesight, which helps them spot their prey from great distances and heights. Their eyes are so good in fact, that they have a million light-sensitive cells per square mm, which is 5 times more than that of a human. This amazing eyesight comes in handy when stalking prey, such as snakes and rabbits. Some eagles, such as the Harpy and Philippine eagle, have been known even to carry away large prey such as deer and monkeys. Instead of simply attacking their prey with their talons and beak some species, such as Golden eagles, drop animals like turtles from great heights to crack them open on the rocks below. The population of eagles in the world is dwindling as a result of habitat destruction, however some species of eagle such as the Bald eagle have made a comeback in the last few years.


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