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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

I always wanted a dream catcher as a child but was sadly deprived of owning one. Now I’ve grown in years and (hopefully) in craft skills, it turns out it’s within my capabilities to make as many as my heart desires – wonderful. If you too would like a nice dangly thing hanging by your bed side to aid the fight against nightmares, read on and learn how to make one.

To find the materials you’ll need, pop down to a craft/art shop near you or simply log on to and get the essentials delivered.

You will need:

A hoop (opting for a metal one is probably best, it’s harder to get your hands on wood and metal looks more modern)

Thread to entwine with – have a think about what colour scheme you’re going for. Do you want cooler colours (blue, lilac, silver) or warmer colours (red, orange, yellow)?

Feathers/beads/sequins to embroider with

Felt (again, think about what colours you’re going for!)

Strong glue (PVA is best)


STEP 1: Take a long piece of thread and tie it onto your hoop in a knot.

STEP 2: About an inch down from that first knot, tie another knot and loop it up round the edge of your dream catcher.

STEP 3: Keep repeating Step 2 until the entire edge of the hoop is covered. Make sure you pull the thread tight as you go along.

STEP 4: Once you’re back round to where you started, take another piece of thread (maybe in a different colour) and begin again – but instead of knotting your thread to the hoop, knot it to the first piece of thread instead.

STEP 5: Keep going and alternating colours, adding your beads and sequins as you go round. Maybe you want to go for a set colour pattern or maybe just see what you fancy.

STEP 6: Once you’re nearing the middle and there isn’t much space left for thread, tie your final piece of thread to the last and finish with a bead.

STEP 7: You’re nearly finished! Now it’s time to add the feathers if you’re using them. Tie between 1-3 pieces of thread around the bottom of your hoop, knotting them so a longer piece of thread hangs down. Knot the thread around the stems of your feathers and add a touch of glue so they stay in place.

STEP 8: Tie one more piece of thread around the top of your hoop to use as a hook and hang wherever you like. Bet it’s beautiful!




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