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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Dr Alex

Dr Alex

It was a cold winter night. All were asleep; except for one...Dr Alex. There she worked under her house, underground. Not a sound was heard except for the occasional deafening shouts of joy. The heavy eyelid fought it but eventually gave in. Maybe it was studying for 6 hours or having tidied up the whole house from her explosion earlier –luckily her husband wasn’t home yet, but she slept for a day and a half.


     While we sleep we begin to grow, but these things were beginning to develop but it’s not so good for us. Part of their development was loud noises. Their first one sent Dr Alex flying out of her dreams. It was like a choir of bad singers who sang in discord. She knew what had happened in a flash and felt a  shiver  down her spine at what she was going to have to do.


      “Fancy seeing you here again, what do you need now?” said a familiar voice. It was Dr Tom Bine. Tom Bine was head of the London Society of Science. As well as not having to hide her true passion for science, Dr. Alex's dream was to be part of that very society. I’m not sure if you have noticed but girls aren’t allowed and Dr Tom Bine found this funny; extremely funny.


     “We need to put aside our petty issues and work together. It’s a matter of life and death.” she demanded with her serious face on.


“Let me guess you are going to threaten me to add you to the society.”


“But if you want to add me, I’d be glad to join you.” He muttered something that Alex briefly heard and disliked greatly. “So I’ve been doing some research and look,” she brought out a box containing her project. “They have been developing and their progress is not so fortunate for us as for them. We must stop it now because its next stage is destruction. I…I…I need your h…h…help!”


“Well we must start working. Come with me into my lab.”


“You mean personal scientific education centre.” He rolled his eyes and Alex grinned. They worked and worked and worked day after day. Over this weekly period, a semi-circle began to grow on their faces. Until one day had come; a day of emotions:


     “Urika!” Alex shouted with excitement as the cure had been found. Promptly she ran around town with Dr Tom Bine finding the creatures before it is too late. They followed the sound of fear of fellow citizens. When they thought the work was done, Alex counted the jar. 19/20. Where’s the last one? No more screams were heard. All that was heard was applause. Out of the crowd Alex heard the sound of a creature; a hungry creature. She scanned the crowd but had no luck.


     Suddenly the crowd split in half and from the centre walked no other than the president. Dr Tom Bine stood up straight and started a conversation with the president while the crowd began to ask for things like autographs. “Duck!” she shouted as the creature began to make its move. With the jar - wide open inside her hand- she dived in front of the president capturing the creature before its final phase had begun.”He is a fake. I’m the one who solved it. Come with me.” She led them to her lab and showed them all her projects including her new species results and research. She became the new head of London Society of Science. From that day forth girls were allowed to be sciencists.

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