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Dolphins are animals that are born out of legend and are known for their exceptional gymnastic capabilities and brains, which rival even that of us as humans in their capabilities. With tremendous social and interactive skills dolphins can live in large groups called pods, which can have up to about 40 members, however there are rare pods that have been found to contain members in the hundreds! Pods to dolphins are just like huge families, where they interact, hunt and mate together within the group. Although dolphins seem like very happy and playful creatures they will fiercely defend themselves if their pod is threatened in any way. Dolphins are more similar to us as mammals than one would at first think. This is because although they live in the ocean they are not fish, and have to surface to breathe the air through a blow hole in the top of their head, just like whales, and can last for up to half an hour without taking a breath.

Basic Facts About Dolphins

Also another similarity between mammals and dolphins is that dolphins give birth their young, called a calf, live whilst they are underwater. With excellent vision and the perfect body shape to move through the water with ease dolphins are excellent hunters, swallowing fish whole. There are 36 different species of dolphin in the world, with only 32 living in the sea, and 4 types that live primarily in rivers. River dolphins can be seen often by people as they tend to stick to the shallow waters, whereas dolphins that live in salt water can only be seen when they surface to breathe and in doing so leap out of the water. In some places like the amazon rainforest you can even find pink coloured dolphins, where the majority of the other species are a grey/blue colour

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