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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Do you think children should be able to study the subjects they like?

Do you think children should be able to study the subjects they like?

Do you think children should be able to study the subjects they like?


   It depends on the subject – as some are more important than others. Some subjects should be optional and some must be taught. This is why I think this.


   Most children (including myself) would not want to have to study such subjects like comprehension. Sometimes we don’t like to do the things that we are bad at or find boring as they all have good purposes. Do not get me wrong; it is very important that we learn comprehension. We can’t always have what we want but we have to think about the consequences.


   Subjects like Maths, Literacy, Science and Languages should be taught. 2567+3456. (6023) We need Maths to be able to solve this. It also challenges us. This subject consists of: ratios and proportion, BODMAS, fractions, decimals and percentages etc. Maths needs to be taught so that you can work out things like sales etc. Science is about realising how and why things happen. If we had no science this website wouldn’t even exist. Writing is an important skill that even the best can develop. Writing is very important as it is a way of communication and we can challenge ourselves with different styles. I am challenging myself with essay writing and word limits when I usually use creative writing.


   There are some subjects that we must do but can be optional as well. To learn other languages helps you understand their culture and people better. Although it would be ideal to let pupils choose the type of language you would like to study. P.E is important which is why children could pick a sport/activity in P.E to study.

Other subjects like art and history could be optional because they are not that necessary. Art is about being creative and expressing yourself how you want to. It is not just about who can draw the best picture. Art symbolises things. We know this from Frida Khalo. One of her paintings had her and she was surrounded by a group of monkeys – the monkeys represent how important family is and to show this she drew the monkeys close to her. We must learn about the past and people’s empires and colonies as it helps us learn about our cultures and history can be interesting. Did you know that Girtrude Ederle swam her own stroke in the English Channel? History is full of surprises.


   Sometimes we have to let the children decide. Maybe they do better in the one they pick; after all it is them who is doing the learning – not the adults. If a child really likes France and wants to learn French then it would be better to put them in that class. Let’s be honest, it is very rare when children get excited about their learning so shouldn’t you jump at the chance.


   If I was to pick, I would choose French and German because they both sound intriguing. It is something that I feel will challenge me. In life, we do need to challenge ourselves in order to learn and find our strengths and weaknesses. If I did not challenge myself I would not be hear writing this article for you.


   What do you think? Should children be able to study the subjects they like? These are my thoughts on the subject. I hope you like this article if you did please check out my other articles and stories. Thank you.



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