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Do something new for charity!

Do something new for charity!

This fundraiser is not for the fainthearted! Although it sounds tame and fun, in reality asking people to sponsor you to do something new is not going to get you very far unless it’s something really radically out there, or you’re known to be scared of the thing. This makes events like these incredibly personal to the one running it. Typical examples might be bungee jumping if you were scared of heights, or deep sea diving if you were scared of being underwater. Have you got the drift? Good. The thing is, some of these things will cost a lot of money to book, so you need to find something that people will sponsor you to do, without it costing you a ridiculous amount in the first place. First check out if the places you’re thinking of do any discounted prices if you’re doing the thing for charity. If not, it’s time to get imaginative!


My first thought when thinking of these events was The Karate Kid film. If you’ve not seen it, it’s about a boy who learns karate for a Open competition so he can compete against, and hopefully beat up, a boy who was bullying him. Of course, it’s about a lot more but that’s what’s important to this analogy. You could easily enter an Open martial arts competition and get people to sponsor you for the event. You'd have to be willing to pay for any training costs yourself, and the entry fee, but it’s likely you could raise a fair amount of money by telling your friends that you’re going to compete in say, a karate competition, despite never having done martial arts before. You’d have to train hard though!


You could also join any kind of competition, for example dance or gymnastics or athletics, with the same goals. Other ideas include a sponsored catwalk, sponsored hike, sponsored triathlon, sponsored sculpture making…. The list is endless! I’m sure you could come up with a hundred better ideas for yourself as you know what will challenge you more than anyone else could possibly suggest to you! The important thing is that it does challenge you, and that you’ll have to put effort into the end result. These factors ensure people are sponsoring you for both your effort and for the charity you want to give the money to! And you never know, you may overcome a fear or learn a new skill in the process!

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