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Disco Fundraiser

Disco Fundraiser

Organising a disco as a charity fundraiser can be a lot of hard work, but all this work ends in an incredibly fun night, and a rewarding sense of achievement, so I’d say it was definitely worth thinking about. You could plan your disco on a small or a big scale. On the small scale, you could organise a disco at your house and get people to pay £1 to get in, for instance. I recently found out that my uncle used to hold disco’s in his basement for his friends and neighbours when he was a teenager, so it’s definitely possible. Really all you need is space and some very loud music! However, the big scale is what we’ll be focussing on: schools or clubs.


Once you’ve picked a date and time (probably a Friday or Saturday night), your main concern will be finding a venue. If you’re organising your disco through school it’s likely you’ll be able to use one of the halls at school free of charge. Make sure you have a willing team in place to clean up after the party though, else you’ll have to pay for the cleaning bill! More complicated is if you’re running the disco for a club you’re part of. Here, you’ll have to use your contacts and persuasive skills to try and find a hall for the cheapest price, if not for free, as you’re doing the event for charity and want no profit for yourself. You may find that a parent of one of your classmates, or clubmates, will be able to help with that if your own cannot.


You’ll also need a DJ. This needn’t be expensive as you’ll probably know somebody via friends or family who could help you out for a cheap price. Failing that, you could bring your own speakers and make a playlist on your iPod to play on the night. If you pick chart topping tunes, and put them on a playlist of around 4 hours, you’ll have no worries at all!


Next stop is making the tickets. They don’t need to be particularly big, so you can probably print ten per a4 sheet, but it’s important that they tell you the date, time, location, and price of entry for the disco. These are what you’ll be selling to your friends, so you may want to make them eye catching too. Give yourself at least two weeks to sell your tickets before your event so you can get as many sold as possible, and try to get some help in selling them too! When you’re pricing your tickets, take into consideration how much you wish to raise and how many people your venue holds. I would suggest pricing tickets between £2 and £5, that way they’re affordable so people are more likely to buy them.


Lastly, on the night of the disco, make sure you and your helpers arrive early to decorate a little. Even the cheapest decorations can make a massive difference. You may also consider setting up a drinks stall so that you can make some extra money from all the thirsty people who’ll be dancing all night at your disco!


Good luck with pulling off your charity disco! I hope everything goes to plan!

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