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Diana Movie Review & Film Summary (2013)

Diana Movie Review & Film Summary (2013)

The film Diana which was released in 2013 is the story of the last two years of the life of the Princess of Wales, focussing mainly on her relationships with Dr. Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed, as well as her charity work and her testing relationship with the media. Naomi Watts, who plays the Princess of Wales, has to play a range of emotions in this film as it portrays the struggles Diana went through in her personal life as she went through her divorce with Charles the Prince of Wales. Watts also portrays the struggle that Diana went through as she tried to distance herself from the spot light in the media and try to get on with her own life after she had separated from Charles. As a viewer you begin to understand how frustrating it would have been to have been to be in Diana’s position being hounded by the press, with cameras constantly there, allowing Diana to become the most photographed woman in the world. With a few negative reviews about the film upon its release, with some claiming that not enough time was spent on looking in detail at the relationships in her life and that it was at times over dramatized. Comment below if you have watched the film, and what you thought of it. Considering my age, and that Diana died when I was very young, my idea of Diana is the one of the people’s princess so I very much enjoyed the film as it showed me about the final few years of Diana’s life which I was too young to remember. However those who were old enough to remember what life was like when Diana was alive seem to take a different view to mine in, and seem to disagree with the portrayal of the Princess of Wales in her final days. However, in my view I think that the film did well to portray the actual issues in Diana’s life, such as the paparazzi and the media swarm which constantly surrounded her and eventually killed her in 1997 in the tunnel in Paris. To me it doesn’t matter as much if parts of her life were over dramatized or a little exaggerated, because what was cause for concern for me was how the media was presented and how it they cameras and the journalists became so uncontrollable. So much so it was at times shocking to me to see how they acted towards Diana in the film. I would recommend the film highly, just to see how you think Diana was being portrayed and if you feel for her in the high pressures of her life.  



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