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About Me:I am a Year 13 student which aspires to be an architect. I am interested in anything I don't yet know, and I mostly write about art, politics , Italian culture and inspirational people, although I will try to write for as many categories possible, just to test myself and get to know more things.

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"Deadpool": Review

"Deadpool": Review

It took many years for Fox producers to give life to a movie entirely based on the most unconventional and crazy Marvel superhero: “Deadpool”. The movie was rapidly development in 2014 after its announcement, and it already seemed like a potential flop as the newcomer and unexperienced director Tim Miller had to deal with a heavy R-Rated movie (prohibited to people younger than 17 years old) and that followed a great cinematic disappointment of another superhero, Green Lantern. However, the movie revealed to be a surprising and resounding success, which earned $152,193,853 four days from its debut in the US, with a total of $284 million worldwide.

A cinematic boom of epic dimensions that has been able to evolve the world of Marvel comic books towards a more mature phase, sexually explicit and verbally scurrilous. The unexpected success of this movie has shown that there is market for this type of movies, just like the explosive violence and nerdy irreverence of Kick-Ass has shown previously. “Deadpool” is an experiment, the first type of Marvel superhero movie that has a mix of sexually driven jokes, puns, fantasies and dark humour and has crushed the writing barriers and typical superhero narration to give life to a cynical, derisive and hormonal super-non-hero that wears a red suit to hide the blood spills of his opponents.

Ryan Reynolds, that has with this movie gained a lot of attention, is Wade Miller, ex-special agent that has become a mercenary. He is a bad guy that beats up guys worse than him to help people. Everything changes when he meets the love of his life Vanessa, interpreted by Morena Bacarin, and things start taking the right direction until cancer comes in Wade’s life. Near to his death bed, Wade has only one option to survive and stay with Vanessa, which consists of taking part in a mysterious genetic experiments that will supposedly suppress the cancer.

The cure however consists in making Wade a mutant and subject him to various cruel tortures in what seems to be a mutant lab. Torture after torture, his sarcasm and irreverence make Francis, the head of the lab, disfigure and transform him in a mutant. Wade therefore starts a man hunt to find Francis and get his revenge, and a cure for his unapproachable and not so pretty face.

“Deadpool” takes both a visual and narrative experimental approach. Wade directly speaks to the viewers, crushing the fourth dimension that separates the viewer from what is viewed, and illustrates the past and the present, making the cinematic experience surreal and demential most of the time. Its irony makes viewers laugh like a comedy, with making fun of the X-Men universe, nonsensical nerdy dialogues for comic books and music aficionados (Wade’s passion for WHAM! And George Michael is truly hilarious), unusual secondary characters, such as Blind Al), nudes, explosions and mostly violence, bloody and ironic at the same time, even gracious in some fight sequences.

Deadpol is an heroic criminal, unable to stay quiet, selfish, immature, cynical, sarcastic and in love. Do you remember the famous quote from the Spider-Man movies “From great powers come great responsibility?” this does not apply to Wade, that only uses his power to get his revenge and pursue his princess, just like in a fairy tale, if fairy tales were explosive and unconditionally violent.

The rookie Tim Miller has done one great job; spectacular action scenes, an embroiling narration, and a consistent intensity make the viewer appreciate the genius and the irreverence of this super-non-hero. Its flow of verbal and visual exaggerations is peculiar and unexpected for a Marvel character, making this winning mix directed by Miller one of the most successful Marvel movies, which is not just a superhero movie, but a noble… love story.


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