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Danish Summer Strawberry Tart

Danish Summer Strawberry Tart

This a wonderful Danish cake for summer, using nice and fresh strawberries. Although it takes some time, and has a relatively long shopping list, it is worth it at the end when you get to eat an amazing slice (…or three)




150 g wheatflour

100 g butter

50 g sugar

½ egg


100 g butter

100 g sugar

100 g marzipan

½ egg



100 g dark chocolate

8 ½ cups of milk

0,5 leaflet powedered pastry cream

8 ½ whipped cream

500 g fresh strawberries


Mix together the dough together in a bowl and place the bowl in the fridge for an hour.

In a different bowl whisk together the butter and sugar. Add the marzipan that you should shred first. Be sure to get your parents help for that as the edges of the grater may be sharp. Also add ½ of a whipped egg.

After an hour, roll out the cold dough from the fridge and put it into a buttered pie dish. If you can find one that is 23 cm wide that would be perfect. A good tip is to roll the dough out just a little big bitter than you think you will need; once you have put this into the pie dish and pressed the edges up against the pie dish, so it is completely filled, make sure the remaining dough is lying over the edge of the pie dish. Then roll your rolling pin over the top of the pie dish. That should make the left-over dough fall off, and it will make your cake look nice and even. Be careful not to cut too much off though, as the dough will shrink a tiny bit in the oven. Bake it at 200 degrees, for 20 minutes.

Get one of your parents to help you melt the chocolate. Make sure not to heat it up too much, as it easily burns. Remove the dough from the oven, let it cool off, and then spread the chocolate over the bottom.

Now, stir the milk and pastry cream together. It will need to stand in the fridge for a bit to become a little bit more dense. When it is dense, add the whipped crème, and then pour the mix into the cake bottom. Make sure it is even, so it looks good. Cut all the strawberries in half and lie the cut-side down on the cake. Your cake is now ready to eat! Well done!

If you want to add some visual effects, cut up some bright green pistachio nuts and spread the small bits on the bright red cake. You can also use other berried, such as blueberries, either by themselves, or in combination with the strawberries.

You can now invite your parents to enjoy the cake with you and use it to get some Hygge or even a FIka, as I have written about in previous articles called “Scandinavian Concepts” which you can find in this section of our website. Enjoy!



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