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Dairy-Free Dessert Review: Part 5

Dairy-Free Dessert Review: Part 5

Dairy-free? Don’t know what you can eat? Try this list!


      1)   Alpro Vanilla Yoghurt Alternative  -  You won’t be able to tell the difference between this and a dairy yogurt. It has a delicious sweetness without being sickly, and the vanilla flavouring is perfect. The texture is velvety and smooth, making this ideal as not only a dessert by itself, but with other dessert items, such as pies, or with fruit, or you could even use this instead of custard in a trifle. This dessert is versatile, extremely good value for money, and very accessible, as it is available in almost all supermarkets, and even in some smaller local stores. I definitely recommend trying this product


      2)  Choices Dairy Free White Chocolate Rondellos  -  Although a small packet, these are the perfect alternative to white chocolate buttons. They have an authentic milky taste, and are thick, creamy, and melt in your mouth. They are a light dessert, and incredibly moreish, so you may well have to buy a few packets! These are ideal for topping a cake, or an ice-cream sundae. You can buy these at sainsburys , at health food stores, and online.


     3)  Lazy Days Foods Belgian Rocky Road  -  Another divine offering from Lazy Days Foods. This time, we have beautiful truffley chocolate, filled with cherries, raisins and even better, vegan marshmallows! The chocolate is rich and smooth, crumbling away in your mouth as you bite into it. There is an even distribution of fruits and marshmallows within the squares, meaning every taste is delicious. The marshmallows are entirely convincing, and as is the chocolate. These rocky road squares are even better when broken up and added to an ice-cream sundae. You can purchase these at most major supermarkets in the freefrom section.


    4)  Sainsburys Coffee and Walnut Slices  -  Available as a pack of five slices at sainsburys stores. These are beautiful cakes topped with a lovely coffee icing and chopped walnuts. The icing is sweet but not overly so, with a subtle coffee flavouring that wonderfully complements the walnuts. The sponge is soft and springy with a distinctive nutty taste. I would say these slices are if anything, slightly on the dry side, so to make them even nicer, pour some dairy-free cream over them.

     5)  Plamil Alternative to Milk Chocolate Bar  -  If you’re missing milk chocolate and want a tasty alternative, this is the bar for you. It is slightly more pricey than some dairy-free chocolates, though by no means anywhere near the most expensive. The price does reflect the superior taste of this product however. This bar has the perfect blend of ‘milk’ and chocolate, and has the right amount of crunch when you bite into it. At the same time it manages to be smooth and creamy. As such, this bar tastes very, very good. This bar is great not only for eating by itself, but for grating on other puddings such as cakes, ice-creams or tarts. Equally, you could melt this to make your own brownies, cakes or ganache. Available at some major supermarkets, and at health food stores and online.



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