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Dairy-Free Dessert Review: Part 4

Dairy-Free Dessert Review: Part 4

Here are some more ideas for dairy-free desserts:


       1)  Seed and Bean Lemon and Cardamom Chocolate Bar  -  This is a bar of intensely rich and dark chocolate, coupled with a zingy, original flavour combination. The chocolate packs a punch, but a pleasant one. Initially, you get a wonderful taste of lemon, complemented perfectly with the exotic cardamom, then, you get an aftertaste of dark cocoa, which works surprisingly well. The bar is smooth and undeniably tasty. Not only that, but these bars are very good value, especially given the high quality ingredients used. These bars are well worth a try, especially if you fancy trying something a little different. You can buy these, online, at Waitrose, and at health food shops.


       2)  Alpro Dessert Moments Chocolate Hazelnut  -  This is the perfect dessert for anyone who loves nutella! The taste is definitely more subtle, and much creamier, ensuring the dessert doesn’t become sickly. Alpro really nail the texture of this dessert; it is just like any dairy mousse, extremely light and fluffy. This combined with its rich creaminess, makes for a perfect dessert. Pair one of these with some dairy-free cream for a truly indulgent dessert. You can buy these in packs of four at most major supermarkets.


      3)  Asda Freefrom Chocolate Crispie Bar  -  At only 43p a bar, you can’t really lose. This is a great chocolate bar to grab on the go, if you fancy a chocolate fix. The ‘milk’ chocolate is surprisingly tasty, surpassing my expectations. It genuinely could be an actual bar of milk chocolate. Inside the chocolate is a layer of rice crispies, giving the bar a satisfying crunch, and a lovely flavour. I recommend giving this bar a try next time you go to Asda.


     4)  Fabulous Freefrom Factory Dairy Free Fudge  -  If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll want to try this fuge. The fuge is buttery, sweet and crumbly, just like the fudge you can buy in a pick’n’mix. Perhaps this fudge is a little sweeter than usual, but it isn’t overpowering. To me, at least, this fudge is very moreish! You could chop the fudge up to use it in baking, or to put with dairy-free ice-cream. You can buy this product at health stores and Asda, and online.


    5)  Kinnerton Just Chocolate Bar  -  Again, a strength of this bar, is its low price, and availability. You can find this bar at most major supermarkets for around £1.30, significantly cheaper than many other dairy-free chocolate bars. This bar is a great middle-ground between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, so if you can’t have dairy but find dark chocolate too strong, this may be the bar for you. The flavour is very pleasant, not too sweet, not too bitter, and with an ideal amount of creaminess. This bar is great not only for snacking on or for a dessert, but for baking too. You could melt this to make a ganache or to put in brownies or cake.


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